Bowaba Advertising Company in Kuwait and Qatar Announces Partnership with WhatsAPP WATI in GCC Region

With this new expansion, Bowaba will be delivering its services and technologies to a market of more than 65 million people, helping them reach more customers and achieve their marketing goals

Bowaba, a top advertising company based in Kuwait and Qatar announces partnership with WhatsAPP WATI in GCC Region. The deal will see Bowaba providing its modern and advanced marketing services to businesses in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, and the UAE.

There are at least 65 million people living in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region and businesses require a more innovative way to get noticed by prospective customers. Bowaba’s digital marketing strategy when combined with WhatsAPP WATI technology will open new doors of opportunity and attract more clients tohelp grow businesses.

Since establishment Bowaba has been providing digital marketing solutions to businesses across the Arab region, using the most modern and innovative methods. Their efforts have led to over 570,000 generated leads, 154,000 qualified calls, and 735,000 e-commerce transactions. All these are made possible due to their professionalism, expertise, experience, transparent ROI tracking, and track record of success and testimonials.

Bowaba invests time, effort, and resources in growing their platform and technology, and expanding their services to ensure that more businesses and companies have access to their priority technology. That’s why they are expanding their services to the GCC region by partnering with WhatsAPP WATI.

There are over 2 billion whatsapp users worldwide, making it one of the most powerful communication tools in the world. WhatsAPP WATI helps businesses take advantage of this powerful social engagement tool by giving them the power to have personalized conversations with customers in a safe environment. WhatsAPP WATI is built on Whatsapp Business API, easy to use, easy to customize, and open new doors of opportunity and sales for users.

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About Bowaba

Bowaba is an advertising company based in Qatar and Kuwait. For years, the company has been helping clients with their digital marketing needs, using modern technology and tools. They offer social media marketing, digital marketing, advertising, content marketing, and so on. They set up WATI (WhatsApp Team Inbox), a comprehensive WhatsApp customer engagement tool in Kuwait and Qatar. Through WATI’s API, businesses can send programmatic personalized notifications from their system. Clients also contact them to build responsive websites that drive traffic and increase sales. Bowaba also offers analytics consulting, helping clients study their customer base so they can provide them with the goods and services they want.

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