LP Wellness and Aesthetics launched its brand-new token, LPbeautycoin, a first in the wellness and beauty industry

LP Wellness and Aesthetics, a leading provider of wellness and beauty services in New York, have become the first company in the industry to officially launch in Web3 in the Metaverse with their dedicated token LPbeautycoin. It is the first coin dedicated to the beauty and wellness industry. Customers worldwide can now choose from the range of services offered by the company and pay using LPbeautycoin.

“Metaverse has become a buzzword lately; it is the next big thing. I’m excited to introduce LPbeautycoin, which will revolutionize how the beauty and wellness industry operates. People looking for a holistic wellness experience will no longer have to worry about high deductibles, insurance premiums.” Said Lexie Bushfield, DBA, CEO of LP INVESTMENTS who’s behind the project. LP INVESTMENTS CEO, Lexie Peterka is the Founder and CEO of LP Wellness and Aesthetics.

Apart from the initial investment to buy an NFT, this tool enables customers’ to fully own their investment. “Whatever token is bought is the money our clients will use as leverage for healthcare. This token eliminates health insurance from getting wealthy on our high-cost premiums with nothing to show for it. Our NFT enables our clients, let’s say they get sick, we will cover the costs. We cover all fees. Our clients will get any doctor without worrying about deductibles and networks.”  Lexie said further.

LP Wellness and Aesthetics aim to empower people to achieve ultimate health, wealth, and confidence. The team comprises highly qualified doctors who provide the best evidence-based services like IV drips, internal medicine, podiatry, chiropractic, Botox, non-surgical nose job, tinker bell nose lift, plastic surgery consultations, plasma lift, and many others more.

“The team takes pride in providing the best treatment and experience to our customers. Now with the launch of LPbeautycoin, we are offering our clients the flexibility to pay through LPbeautycoin, which never expires, never runs out, and will increase in value.” Said Lexie.

The token offers time efficiency, safety, anonymity and is entirely decentralized. “With stores all over the world, our customer will get to avail our service globally and will also gain first access to our NFT launch and will be first to mint our NFT.” She added.

LPbeautycoin boasts an impressive roadmap as the company aims to launch the NFT on OpenSea and Rarity Tools towards the latter half of 2022.

About LP Wellness and Aesthetics

LP Wellness and Aesthetics, based in New York, was founded to provide cutting-edge, evidence-based health, wellness, and aesthetic services to customers under one roof. It is a nurturing, judgment-free zone designed to accommodate all customers’ needs and provide the best possible customer experience.

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