Vince Melkumyan: VisionM Properties to Expand in Metaverse Acquisitions

VisionM Properties is one of the first virtual real estate companies, offering acquisitions, development, maintenance and marketing services in various Metaverses such as Decentraland, Meta, Sandbox, Somnium, Cryptovoxels, etc.

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Vince Melkumyan, the founder of Vision Millennium Media Holdings, shares his vision for the company and the future of Metaverse:

“The Metaverse is at a very early stage of adoption, so we are positioning VisionM Properties in a way to capture a significant market share in various Metaverses. Our acquisitions team purchases the most promising real estate at the lowest possible cost. This is possible through our extensive knowledge of bidding in marketplaces. We offer various services after acquisitions, including property development, maintenance, leasing and marketing. We consider offering mortgages on certain properties in near future.”

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VisionM Properties has access to some of the best talent in world-class 3D designers, by being a subsidiary of Vision Millennium. Vision Millennium has been providing exceptional service of the finest quality across its portfolio of more than 65 commercials around the world, from the US to Asia, servicing major corporations and brands. The work is impressive particularly in Cinema 4D, achieving ultra-realistic designs of products of any complexity.

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Vince Melkumyan states: “I always wanted to bring our skills from Vision Millennium to Metaverse, and now, VisionM Properties makes it all possible. We have clients from various industries, from artists to agricultural machinery to car dealerships, all wanting to showcase their products, and we are more than happy to build everything for them in Metaverse.”

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