First-Rate Fermentation CDMO Services Emancipate Customers from Quality Control Problems

BOC Sciences takes pride in its fermentation CDMO services since it faithfully sticks to microbial GMP production and provides qualified products. Its prominent skills in strain development and fermentation optimization have attracted worldwide partners, which is such an immense impetus for further perfection.

New York, USA – February 21, 2022 – Pharmaceutical enterprises in pursuit of high-grade microbial biologics are always confronted with the burdensome task to control product quality. Thankfully, the good manufacturing practice (GMP) proclaimed by the FDA offers standardized guidelines to relevant manufacturers. As the world-leading fermentation CDMO service supplier, BOC Sciences also rigorously abides by the GMP regulations in the development and optimization of microbial-based processes.

The robust microbial GMP production capabilities of BOC Sciences are embodied through every stage of the manufacturing process, spanning from initial strain selection and improvement to ultimate product delivery. “We strictly comply with GMP guidelines and assure that our microbial products are consistently high in quality, from batch to batch, for customers’ intended use,” the chief technician of BOC Sciences declared in an interview.

BOC Sciences attaches much attention to strain development since it is the early and crucial procedure affecting the overall commercial fermentation. To help customers transform primitive strains into industrialized strains with assured quality and efficiency, BOC Sciences has employed multiple strategies including mutation, selection, cloning, and genetic recombination in strain breeding. The multitudinous strains presently available at BOC Sciences are featured with fast growth, no toxicity to humans, mitigated downstream processing interference, and shortened fermentation time, because of which the successive fermentation manufacturing proceeds more smoothly.

Regarding the downstream process (DSP) optimization, BOC Sciences emphasizes product separation and purification, with the purpose of conducting mass production while still guaranteeing purity. The advanced techniques of BOC Sciences refer to solid-liquid separation, cell breaking, membrane separation, protein purification, and product packaging. Though it is demanding to perform all the operations to a perfect level, BOC Sciences, backed up by a group of professionals, coherently keeps its promises to implement strict quality control and deliver reliable scale-up fermentation products.

BOC Sciences has expanded its microbial production capacities to involve pharmaceutical compounds, food and cosmetic ingredients. Plenty of customers profit considerably from its one-stop fermentation platform not only for the decrease in costs and time but also for the certified GMP production. Furthermore, BOC Sciences adheres to the principles of Quality by Design (QbD) that are beneficial to maximize the safety of fermentation.

Deemed as the pioneer in fermentation industry, BOC Sciences is continuously striving for more abundant fermented products and simultaneously enhancing quality, which is bound to promote pharmaceutical development and production.


BOC Sciences is a rising life science company contributed by a group of doctoral-level experts. With the mission of becoming the most competitive microbial biologics supplier, it always keeps perfecting the fermentation techniques and CDMO services. Meanwhile, BOC Sciences never brings down the demands on product qualities, which wins it global recognition.

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