From Amazon FBA Seller to Leader in Home Appliance Industry – Equinox Technology LLC

Equinox Technology is a California-based consumer electronics brand founded in 2018. Equinox Technology manages several high-end home appliance and electronics brands, including Craftronic, Koizuma, Movic, ArtDigest, and Sohnne.

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Founded and led by a highly successful 26-year-old Laurent Putra, Equinox Technology LLC rose from an FBA Amazon retailer to a multi-national giant. Laurent Putra, the brand’s founder and a shining star of American success, leveraged her experience working as a FAANG employee to propel Equinox Technology LLC to greatness. 

Laurent Putra is also the Managing Partner in Calgary Capital Group LLC – a Venture Capital company that invests in Saas and PaaS brands in the emerging south-east Asia countries. Laurent’s expertise and diligence have helped Calgary Capital Group recognize and propel Bagiamal to greatness. Bagiamal is the nation-leading charity platform partnered with Indonesia’s largest foundation and charity organizations.

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Equinox Technology LLC’s market reach is global, while most of its sales are being conducted in the USA, European, and Asian markets. Equinox Technology LLC, its brands, and subsidiaries are backed and funded by upper-echelon Private Equity investors from San Francisco. The enterprise operates from its head office and showroom in San Francisco, California. 

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Sohnne, a subsidiary of Equinox Technology LLC, is one of the brightest shooting stars in the industry of high-end furniture. Focused on exquisite aesthetics, comfort, and unparalleled quality, Sohnne’s designs are an inspiration to its peers and fan-favorites among hundreds of its loyal customers. This subsidiary of Equinox Technology LLC specializes in one-of-a-kind furniture pieces and top-tier electronics.

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As imparted by the brand’s spokesperson, Sohnne’s team of vetted professionals and experts is committed to ethical manufacturing practices and polishing every detail of each product to perfection:

“What separates us from others is our sheer devotion to craft. From the smallest details to the largest sectional, we believe that every product we make should contain impeccable quality and meticulous attention to detail. It’s how we make beautiful products for your inspired lifestyle.”

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Sohnne owns warehouses in San Francisco and San Jose in the United States and Crawley in the United Kingdom. The brand’s catalog of products encompasses boutique furniture, exquisite decorative products, dining accessories, and lighting products. 

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The vast majority of Sohnne boutique furniture products are handcrafted in local artisan workshops. By managing and controlling every aspect of manufacturing, import, and export.

Equinox Technology LLC wanted to present its customers with the finest health and skincare products, so Koisuma was founded. Consumers searching for high-quality healthcare products can find a myriad of premium face masks, massagers, face rollers, eyebrow trimmers, and more in Koizuma’s store

Art Digest is Equinox Technology LLC’s artistic outlet – Equinox’s subsidiary specializing in luxury figures and licensed paintings. 

Equinox Technology LLC’s staff of vetted professionals is constantly collaborating with the world’s finest artists, designers, and manufacturers to deliver state-of-the-art products with an exquisite touch and value. 

All Equinox Technology-owned brands retail designer-made products and offer quality home appliances and furniture at highly approachable prices. 

Craftronic, Movic, and Soji are well-established subsidiaries of Equinox Technology LLC focused on expanding in the European market. 

Equniox Technology LLC is inching towards making a home living “easy and expressive” through its managed brands. Sohnne, ArtDigest, Craftronic, and other sister companies under Equinox Technology’s wings are prospering and reshaping the industry, pushing the envelope and raising quality, availability, and affordability standards.  

More information about Equniox Technology LLC is available on the brand’s official website.

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