Tier-Rack Corporation to Buy Used Racks, an Initiative Towards Sustainable Development

February 21, 2022 – Tier-Rack Corporation has announced an initiative wherein the company will accept used racks from people. This initiative will help in recycling the used racks and reduce their wastage, apart from giving an opportunity to buy new racks and give a new appearance to commercial spaces. The initiative is aimed at saving resources for sustainable development and helping the environment.

Tier-Rack Corporation has been leading the industry for 50 years with its flexible warehouse racking systems. The company provides various affordable products like all-steel storage racks, featuring light and heavy-duty models of solid all-welded, knock-down, and nestable designs. For a modern look and feel, these racks are indispensable.

“At Tier-Rack, our commitment to Good Service takes many steps. We’ve met people who understand how our customers use our racks, so we can understand your needs and show you how our stacks can meet your needs. We’ve provided millions of racks to thousands of customers, so there’s a good chance we’re already helping someone with storage needs like yours. If you have never used portable stacks in the past, we strongly encourage you to order a few samples before placing a larger order,” says the company’s representative. 

Tier-Rack is working towards the affordability of its products. Often, people get overcharged for basic stacking racks, and moreover, the industry doesn’t work more on the quality rather focuses on the quantity. Their experienced manufacturers continue to find ways to reduce the cost of producing racks. Their financial capacity means that our suppliers are willing to offer them the best prices because they know they will be paid on time. 

All of these reasons come together to allow them to offer Tier-Rack racks at low daily prices. Whether there is demand for 10 racks or 100,000 racks. Their years of experience have given them the opportunity to learn how to produce quality products successfully. The company has learned which suppliers are reliable and always provide the highest quality metal at reasonable prices. Tier-Rack’s manufacturing industries are located where they can offer reduced shipping costs to many of their customers.

The company has been working progressively to provide an affordable range of racks to the customers, but recently they have taken an initiative for sustainability. With the announcement of Tier-Rack Corporation that they will buy all the used racks, speculation has been created. The company will recycle the used racks. This will reduce the environmental damage and effects as well. Moreover, the customers would also be able to avail themselves of more discounts.

Tier-Rack’s new initiative of buying old racks will benefit the people to help them sell off their old racks and also to reduce the environmental damage caused by improper handling. If someone wishes to sell their used racks, they can visit Tier-Rack’s official website.

Tier-Rack is a US-based company and a founding member of the Rack Manufacturers Institute (RMI). The company emphasizes the safety of its placement designs. The engineering team ensures that the client gets nothing but racks that are best suited to meet all their needs.

For more information, please visit https://tier-rack.com/.

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