Adib Chaarani, CEO at Kosawada, the kingdom of social media

Adib Chaarani, CEO at Kosawada, the kingdom of social media

“Adib Chaarani, COO at Kosawada, the kingdom of social media”
Adib Chaarani, this name won’t be surprise anymore in the world of social media and digital marketing. Even those who are slightly familiar with the niche, have heard Adib’s name somewhere from their surroundings. Not only is Adib Chaarani known as one of the best digital marketers and social media experts, but also he is known for being the COO at KOSAWADA, the kingdom of social agencies, websites and dignitary affairs.

Adib Chaarani is a renowned Lebanese social media and digital marketing expert whose reputation has crossed the seas to become an intrinsic part in the world of social media. Since 2012, Adib has dedicated his life and efforts for the sake of social media. He was able to delve and gain thorough knowledge along with limitless skills in the field of social media and digital channels to become one of the youngest and most professional experts known in Lebanon.

And after having almost more than 10 years of practical experience in social media provisions, Adib Chaarani was selected to be the COO at one of the top social media agencies in the Gulf region, KOSAWADA.

For COO’s, managing growth and their performance through tremendous uncertainty while meeting customer and stakeholder needs is no easy feat. Adib Chaarani recently wrote on the importance of COOs being on social media. He explained: “The greatest motivator for COOs to get on social media may be simple necessity. Social media represents a cultural shift, not just a technological one, and it’s already made the leap into the workplace… In the end, it’s very difficult for a COO to guide this transformation without ‘getting’ social media on some level—ideally a personal one.”

In other words, his saying means that in such an increasingly social workforce, it’s clear that COOs need to do more than just be on social—they need to lead.

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