Investors In Pakistan Need To Hear Asif Ali Gohar And His Vegan Leather Idea

Are you an investor in Pakistan? Are you looking for a new idea where you can invest your money and reap significant profits? If you are, then you must not look further than Asif Ali Gohar, who is set to change the vegan leather market.

If Pakistan wants to stay competitive in the international leather market and maintain its position, it needs to jump on the vegan bandwagon. Here is everything you need to know about Asif Ali Gohar and his idea.

Who Is Asif Ali Gohar?

Asif Ali Gohar was born in Karachi, Pakistan, in 1992. However, his family did not stay too long in Pakistan as everyone moved to Hamburg, Germany, when Asif was twelve years old. Of course, at the time, Asif was young and trying to find his bearings in a new country.

By the time Asif turned fifteen, he had given up meat and started leading a vegan lifestyle. That is because he did not like that we kill animals to fulfill our hunger desire. So, he made a decision and stuck to it, which led to him finding his purpose.

An Interest In Vegan Alternatives To Leather

During Asif’s high school times, he received a project that boosted his interest in vegan alternatives to leather. After graduating from high school, Asif enrolled in the University of Hamburg and began his majors in business administration. That is the time when Asif began his experimentation with vegan leather.

Each day, Asif used to come home and test rice as a vegan substitute for leather. After consistency and hard word, Asif found a way to convert rice into a leather slime. However, Asif also uses acetic acid bacteria and yeast to solidify the rice and give it a leather texture.

Why Asif Chose Rice As A Vegan Substitute To Leather?

Asif chose rice because of his roots and heritage. Pakistan is a major exporter of leather as it exports leather at a total value of more than $870 million. That comes to over 4% of the GDP of Pakistan, making it one of the world’s leading leather producers and exporters.

On the other hand, Pakistan is also the tenth biggest rice exporter in the world. It producers over 8% of the total world rice trade. Because of these reasons, there is a lot of knowledge of leather and rice among Pakistani manufacturers and producers.

Asif wants to acquire knowledge and funding from Pakistani investors so that he can grow his venture and help it take off in no time. All Pakistani investors can benefit from this as it will help them stay ahead in the international vegan leather market.

Final Words

If you are a leather manufacturer or rice producer in Pakistan, you can contact Asif Ali Gohar to work with him and help him in this venture. On the other hand, if you are an investor, you will reap high profits from this idea. Vegan leather is the future, and that future is here.

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