Honeyopathy is helping people balance their Qi to awaken their spiritual connection for optimal wellness

Based on its own research, more than their physical and emotional health, 80% of respondents were dissatisfied with their spiritual health and unsure about how to change it. Honeyopathy is helping people balance their Qi to awaken their innate spiritual healing for optimal wellness.

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Honeyopathy conducted a survey that examined how Americans assess their health and well-being. The survey measured people’s lifestyle choices and their potential impact and how they’re coping with life during the pandemic. With 80% of respondents more than and completely dissatisfied with their Spiritual health and 87% not optimistic that would change over the next year, Wendy Boucher, CMO and aspiring beekeeper, and herbalist and acupuncturist, Dr. Krystal Couture, founded Honeyopathy offering a range of bee-based ‘Qi’coctions inspired by the practices of Classical Chinese Medicine. 

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“We’re on a mission to uplift your spirit by harnessing the power of organic botanicals and bee-based ingredients like raw honey, beeswax and pollen. Our unique range of homeopathic ‘Qi’coctions are blended to energize your Qi or life force and spark feelings of holistic health and harmony,” explains co-founder of Honeyopathy, Wendy Boucher.

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Honeyopathy’s selection of wellness products are inspired by the practice of Classical Chinese Medicine which formulates its remedies to align with the five elements of nature – wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.

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When in nature, we can improve all areas of our wellness (i.e., physical, intellectual, emotional, and interpersonal) but it seems that connecting with our spiritual eludes us the most. While in nature, it becomes possible to go deeper and develop a better self-awareness and mental clarity. 

“Honeyopathy is not only an expression of Krystal and mine’s shared love of nature. It is also a vision for a new kind of company, one that embraces diversity and develops products that fund sustainable practices for bees and their habitats. It is about profiting for good while supporting our commitment to helping bees flourish,” continues Wendy.

“At Honeyopathy, we strive to bring balance, health and well-being to humans while respecting and protecting bees, and our planet. We’re on a mission to develop bee-sourced products that create ethereal and energizing experiences.”

Honeyopathy is also dedicating to giving back, contributing 6% of its revenues to fund research and education around sustainable beekeeping.


Honeyopathy’s selection of holistic products is available online and includes homeopathic spirits, honey, candles, essential oils, herbal teas, spiritual objects, limited editions, sets as well as ‘QI’coctions like honey lemon drop martini, ginger peach highball, ginger lime highball, botanic martini, chamomile ginger tonic, and vitality lavender Collins.

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“Our connection with humanity and our planet is earthly and soulful, not sedated. We cherish nature and take small steps every day to harness its energy for the greater good. Our products elicit a feeling of balance, grounding and belonging and return us to our natural state of divine well-being,” concludes Wendy.


Honeyopathy is founded by CMO and aspiring beekeeper, Wendy Boucher, and herbalist and acupuncturist, Dr. Krystal Couture. The lifestyle brand offers a range of bee-based ‘Qi’coctions inspired by the practices of Classical Chinese Medicine and created to help people balance their Qi to awaken their spiritual connection for optimal wellness.

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