Brandon Frank Jenner, a 20-Year-Old Entrepreneur Fighting for a Better Environment

Brandon Frank Jenner is an Australian-based entrepreneur committed to helping tech start-ups find the best talent using innovative data, analytics, and marketing techniques. The IT Recruitment space is super competitive right now & sometimes it can be hard for little known startups to standout. With the help of Data, Analytics, AI & Marketing Brandon is helping startups find, attract & retain technical unicorns right across Australia.

The recent success Brandon has had has allowed him to invest some of his profits in a Not-For-Profit that is helping these same startups & businesses in his hometown of Penrith, New South Wales, set, meet & exceed recycling targets. Brandon’s vision is to recycle office waste, electronics & food scraps whilst also supporting his local communities recycling strategies.


Recycling is one of the most pressing concerns of a progressive, fast-paced world. With new technologies and products, more waste is accumulated, which calls for additional funding and adequate disposal. In an ideal world, recycling replaces waste disposal, allowing ethically-inspired manufacturers to continue producing goods without harming the environment.

According to The Conversation’s report, Australian recycling efforts leave room for improvement:

“Right now, there are 193 material recovery facilities in Australia. Most are hand-sorted; nine are semi-automated, and nine are fully automated. These are nowhere near sufficient to sort Australia’s annual recycling. As worldwide demand for high-quality, clean recycling material increases, Australia must upgrade its technology. Incentives and financial help for recycling companies may be necessary  to see Australia develop a viable domestic recycling industry.”  

Brandon Frank Jenner is a 20-year-old Australian-based entrepreneur among the youngest advocates of a greener, waste-free Australia that is devoting a good portion of his earnings and savings to bolster his country’s recycling facilities and technologies.

By helping tech start-ups locate and recruit the most talented employees in the region, Brandon Frank Jenner has become a young leader in the Australian IT industry. With the money he has earned, Brandon is in the process of forming a non-profit organization that will empower Penrith City Council’s recycling efforts.

It seems that this is only the start for young Brandon. As a resident of Penrith, Brandon Jenner plans to run as a councilor in the future to ensure the continued success of his community. Speaking with Brandon he said “Penrith is such a lovely city to live in and the local community is often at the forefront of implementing cutting edge initiatives across the community” 

Everyone wishes Brandon the best of luck & hope to catch up with him in the future, he’s sure to be someone to watch out for in the coming years!

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