Limited Unleashed Takes Sneaker Drops Into the Metaverse

Limited Unleashed is an Indie non-profit initiative that presents a simple Online PvP game where players can compete for real-world products.

Limited Unleashed reveals an innovative Drop Method that revolves around real hyped releases in a capture-the-flag-inspired setting. By playing Limited Unleashed, players will enter its virtual space with a customizable character and compete for exclusive drops. Limited Unleashed was initially developed to promote sneaker drops, but its platform is suitable for the release of all types of limited edition products.

Limited Unleashed is currently in Early Access. The project’s leaders impart that the game was never meant to “impress with high fidelity graphics or fancy gameplay; we just want to drop limited edition products and have a good time with our community.” 

When asked about the inspiration to launch the game in Early Access instead of waiting a few more months for a full release, the game’s developers have stated:

“The game was developed with the community in mind. Features and mechanics were left at a bare minimum because we want to connect with our community through our various channels to allow them to influence the direction of development by participating in the discussion, providing feedback and suggestions, voting, and participating in polls” said Limited Unleashed developers.

Limited Unleashed, the game, was engineered to be approachable and straightforward by casual players. Its simplified graphics ensure it can be launched on weaker computers, while its competitive elements guarantee a unique experience with every session. 

What sets Limited Unleashed apart from similar Battle Royal Play-to-Earn games is a revolutionary layered session system, which ensures that a thousand players at most can compete over a single article at all times. This ensures fair play and exciting PvP matches while keeping the servers stable and performance smooth. 

Game’s developers have divulged that the “full version will work off of the foundation mechanics (capture the flag type gameplay with sprint and dash) put in place in this Early Access version, to add in features, mechanics, characters, character customization options, items, you name it, into the final version based off of feedback, suggestions, votes, and polls from the community.”

Miekka MacArthur, the game’s developer and publisher, plans to let the Limited Unleashed community set the path for the game’s advancement and evolution and leverage feedback to bring improvements and finishing touches.

February’s drops include Air Jordan 1, Air Jordan 4, and SB Dunk sneakers that Limited Unleashed players can compete for on the 12th, 19th, and 26th, respectively. Limited Unleashed exclusive limited-edition product drops occur weekly every Saturday at 11:00 AM EST.

As a brand, Limited Unleashed is offering a platform to brands and companies of all sizes, as well as enterprises, presenting a variety of brand packages. Start-ups and NFT artists have an opportunity to connect with Limited Unleashed and receive the benefits of a single product release per month, connect up to 100 players, and drop up to 100 product instances. Established and Enterprise packages are being worked on and will become available in the near future.

Limited Unleashed developers have imparted that they will introduce Play-to-Earn NFTs soon. Players can download Limited Unleashed on the project’s official website. Limited Unleashed is launched and available for free download, and Miekka MacArthur, its publisher and developer, notes that “the game will always be free.”

Weekly Early Access releases will continue as the project’s developers refine and polish Limited Unleashed and work towards a Beta version.

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