Green Star Shapes Digital Interactive Parallel Universe Ecosystem

The virtual reality industry has become a “windfall”, and the first to start the boom was Roblox, the first stock of the Metaverse, which went public on the New York Stock Exchange in March 2021,the stock price has soared, and its market value has rapidly increased by 10 times. Subsequently, a large number of Internet companies followed suit. From the application field of virtual reality industry, virtual reality will involve games, social networking, entertainment, office and other fields. In most of the descriptions, VR and games are considered to be the basic building blocks of virtual reality. From the perspective of hardware technology, ordinary mobile phones and PCs are now unable to complete the tasks of simulation and immersion required by the virtual reality industry, but must use VR/AR immersive solutions.

Green Star Shapes Digital Interactive Parallel Universe Ecosystem

According to statistics from IDC and other institutions, the scale of the global virtual reality market in 2020 is already about 90 billion yuan, of which the VR market is 62 billion yuan and the AR market is 28 billion yuan. We have reason to believe that in the future, the virtual reality industry will generate waves of trends of the times. We are entering an era of the Internet of Everything, which combines predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, and real-time visualization. While these innovative technologies diversify the virtual reality industry, we can’t help but think about how to build a bridge between virtual reality and reality.

Green Star is to build a bridge between virtual and reality. Green Star was initiated by SoftBank and WWF, Friends of the Earth and other global environmental protection organizations, with the vision of green environmental protection promoting the prosperity of a community with a shared future for mankind. Starting from virtual reality technology and implementing application scenarios in games, it covers social interaction, learning, entertainment, economic activities, parallel universe ecology, and a community with a shared future for mankind. At the same time, it is based on distributed blockchain technology as the underlying structure and the “token economy”. ”-based large-scale digitally interactive parallel universe ecosystem. Green Star builds the ecological value under the parallel universe, and creates the first green and environmental protection ecological application based on this background – the smart farm game, and constructs the entire ecosystem with the trinity of NFT + parallel universe + DAO.

Green Star Shapes Digital Interactive Parallel Universe Ecosystem

Green Star uses leading technologies such as digital token settlement system, commodity traceability, AR and VR shopping, and uses new decentralized technologies and concepts to subvert the existing centralized monopoly platform for profit only, allowing users to experience transparent, Simple and efficient shopping and the nature of Green Star’s co-construction and sharing; Furthermore, it creates a social system based on the game ecology, making the game not only a tool for entertainment, removing the identity constraints of reality and allowing socialization by penetrating every aspect of the game, so that everyone can find friends who fit their souls.

Green Star creates application scenarios that combine in-depth virtuality and reality: virtual concerts, virtual education, virtual real estate, virtual reality medical care, games, urban planning, etc., to build a full business ecosystem that combines work, study, and entertainment.

Green Star retains and maximizes asset value for ecological builders, and provides developers with the future potential of DAO technology, while providing developers with the future potential of DAO technology, carrying more technical pilots with NFT, guaranteeing more experiments with various economic adjustments, governance, fund management and organizational options, and finally forming a parallel time and space to open the game ecology mapping reality scenarios built out of the game. 

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