Green Star Explores New Format of GameFi Value Model

With the explosion of concepts such as NFT, GameFi, and the Metaverse, the boundary between games and finance will become increasingly blurred, and the economic model in the game is very likely to imitate or even surpass the real world. The new gamefi Green Star is exploring “NFTs + DeFi + Games” industry format.

Green Star is the first NFT green parallel universe in Softbank’s parallel universe plan. Players can plant trees in the desert in virtual reality, transform the desert into an oasis, transform the environment of the entire world, and finally achieve the feat of green covering the entire planet. In the upcoming version 1.0, Green Star only opens the function of planting trees, and will continue to add many interesting modules in the future, upgrade it to more interesting games, and make Green Star the fastest and largest flow of users to the Softbank parallel universe. Entrance.

Green Star Explores New Format of GameFi Value Model

In the early stage of Green Star, an ecosystem based on the combination of community-driven “NFTs + DeFi + games” will be established. Presenting financial products in the form of games, currently in Green Star version 1.0, the infrastructure builds DeFi applications on a planet to form economic benefits through farming/planting/production. Follow-up will be based on the progress of the project to carry out technical iteration to version 3.0, and use NFTs combine DeFi with games and integrate financial products into the game ecosystem. Through the ecosystem of income aggregators, liquidity mining and “NFTs + DeFi + games” combined, Play to Earn’s infrastructure will not only find the best liquidity mining income strategy for users, but will also mint distinctive NFTs that can be used to upgrade and trade.

The Green Star 1.0 smart farm game aims to construct a virtual financial scene in a parallel universe through blockchain technology, giving DeFi financial scene applications while satisfying players’ leisure, entertainment and social interaction, and anchoring the value attributes of virtual props for development through NFT. The token economy opens up the implementation of global greening scenarios. Through permissionless, trust-minimized, transparent, secure and automated protocols, technologies such as parallel universes and NFTs can be meaningfully used in the DeFi ecosystem, and the relationship between users and platforms can be constructed. The autonomous system reflects the meaning and value of all users in the entire parallel universe ecosystem.

Green Star 2.0 mall social networking, through digital token settlement system, commodity traceability, AR, VR shopping and other leading technologies, with new decentralized technology and concepts, subvert the existing centralized monopoly platform for profit only, allowing users to experience transparent, simple and efficient shopping and the nature of Green Star co-construction and sharing; in addition, to create a social system based on game ecology, so that games are not only a tool for entertainment, remove the real identity constraints, and allow social interaction to penetrate into games through Every aspect of the event, so that everyone can find a friend who fits their soul.

Green Star 3.0 is a deep combination of virtual and reality. Green Star creates application scenarios that combine deep virtual and reality: virtual concerts, virtual education, virtual real estate, virtual reality medical care, games, urban planning, etc, build a full business ecosystem that combines work, study, and entertainment.

Green Star Explores New Format of GameFi Value Model

Green Star retains and maximizes asset value for ecological builders, and provides developers with the future potential of DAO technology. It uses NFT as a carrier to carry more technology pilots to ensure more experiments, various economic adjustments, governance, fund management and organizational choice, and finally form a parallel time and space established by the game to open the game ecology and map the real scene. 

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