Leading entrepreneur, Evangelist, and philanthropist Shelley Mays-Couch to open First Temporary Emergency Housing Program in Planning District 14

Top Black female entrepreneur and philanthropist Shelley Mays-Couch is looking forward to taking care of the rising homelessness problem in the post pandemic era through the Temporary Emergency Housing Program.

Buckingham, Virginia – February 21, 2022 – The staggering rate of joblessness and unemployment caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has led to an escalating rise in the homeless crisis in the country of late. However, there still seems to be a ray of light amid such grim circumstances. Renowned MCE (Multiple Credentialed Entrepreneur), Evangelist, and philanthropist Shelley Mays-Couch has announced the plans to open the FIRST Temporary Emergency Housing Program in Planning District 14 to address the current homeless crisis. 

The Temporary Emergency Housing Program initiative would be carried by Love Over Crisis LLC. Founded by Shelley Mays-Couch in 2015, Love Over Crisis extends a multiple range of services, including Coordinated care services/facilitation, Companionship, Case Management, and Independent Contracting.  

“The pandemic has dealt a heavy blow to the economy of the country, leaving many organizations and individuals stranded for months. The  crisis has led to further problems and one of the most glaring challenges brought by the pandemic and weak economy is the staggering rise in homelessness. Our 2022 endeavors are centered to help organizations and individuals in as many ways possible and one of our major initiatives is to address the problem of homelessness is through temporary housing solutions. We are all geared up to open our Temporary Emergency Housing Program in Planning District 14 shortly to help those in need”, stated Shelley Mays-Couch. 

Before beginning her entrepreneurial journey, Shelley has worked for years in the medical field as a licensed clinical social worker. It was then that she became aware of the gaps in services in rural Virginia which eventually led her to take  the decision to become an Agent of Change in her community. She founded and directed one of the first community based reentry programs serving 10 rural counties in Virginia through a NonProfit under the Full Gospel of Christ Fellowship called LOC Family Services (locfamilyservices.com). 

Cut to 2022, Shelley has accomplished remarkable achievements following her interactions with different categories of individuals who have shared their struggles with her. She has been extremely proactive during the pandemic as well and even the COVID-19 menace could not deter her from her goals. None of her businesses stopped serving people because she felt people needed help the most during the pandemic. 

One of the most successful Black female entrepreneurs today, Shelley had it the hard way ever since the beginning of her entrepreneurial journey. Speaking of her experience, Shelley shared how she had to face discriminatory behavior and even threats when she started as an entrepreneur – the only reason was she is a Black woman. However, nothing could crush her indomitable spirit and today she has been able to overcome several challenges, including dealing with the constant intentional bigoted plots and plans of the elites to talk down and destroy the character, devalue the dignity and respect for a successful Black Entrepreneur.

“Being a Black woman in a predominantly White and male governed area owning multiple businesses many times I have felt targeted. I have had my share of the discriminatory comments, maltreatment and intimidating threats,”

Today, the braveheart is dedicated to inspire, encourage, and empower other aspiring black women entrepreneurs to come forward and take up the baton of entrepreneurship without fear. She uses different platforms to shed light on the plight of business owners, especially female black entrepreneurs in Virginia. As a MCE, Evangelist, counselor, and philanthropist, Shelley currently sits on multiple boards, coalitions, councils, and committees, leveraging her designation to uphold the cause of the Black women entrepreneurs. She is committed to make difference as an Entrepreneur in the rural areas of Virginia where slavery began in the United States. 

“Winston Churchill stated that ‘success is not final, failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.’ And I always believe in this saying.” 

Through the ups and downs of life as an Entrepreneur, Shelley Mays-Couch continues to thrive, with her success proclaiming respect and dignity of Black women in all fields of Business, Government, and Church while providing continued hope and inspiration for Black leaders to stand up and become more involved in Spiritual and Community development and sustainability. 

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