How Ayagigs, a Talent Marketplace is Helping Africans Work and Get Paid in Cryptocurrencies

Over the last five years, companies have been working to improve their ability to hire remotely. Not only does it save money on recruiting, but it also enables companies to find expertise that is often hidden in other countries and territories. And it creates a strong sense of engagement and belonging in the workforce.

Why is this such a big topic? Companies have been restructuring at lightning speed (driven by the Pandemic) and now, more than ever, they need an intelligent way to move the right people into the right role remotely. And we need good platforms and tools to do this well.

This is where Ayagigs comes to the rescue.

About Ayagigs

Ayagigs is a curated marketplace for global businesses to access web3 African skilled talents. Aya targets small to large businesses, freelancers, in Africa and beyond, technology hubs, recruitment agencies, et cetera, to work with and partner with. Aya helps these businesses find the exact type of talent they’re looking for while connecting these freelancers to the right companies.

How Ayagigs Started

Aya started this journey 12 months ago with deep customer discovery, problem exploration, and solution exploration. They listened to over 500 people facing the problem they identified in the process. 

Ayagigs discovered potential users and explored solutions to solve the friction identified. Aya is ready to make businesses or freelancers, and everybody wins.

Aya is reshaping the concept of how you perceive talents in Africa. They are building Aya to be an open marketplace ecosystem that connects 1.4 billion people on the African continent. The founding principle behind the Aya project is trust, where you can go online and connect with any skill imaginable, not just safely but happily through their platform. 

Aya delivers to any business talents when they need it. This is key for the connected economy. The team at Aya believes web3 will play a key role in Africa and beyond, so they are building a platform that builds the people, so they can also build the world with value.

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