Multitalented Artist and Actor Mario Canon Stands Out by Not Having Profanity in His Music

Multitalented Artist and Actor Mario Canon Stands Out by Not Having Profanity in His Music

Several artists are quickly rising to stardom despite the very competitive landscape of the music industry. However, if anyone is most likely to stand out, it would be the multi-talented artist Mario Canon. 

Mario, well-known for his critically acclaimed singing and acting skills, has starred on renowned television shows like Chicago PD and Empire as Charlie Dupree. However, this brilliant artist from Springfield, Illinois, is not your typical musical artist. He’s also an actor, entrepreneur, and much more. 

Darryl Stuggis, the manager of Mario Canon, met him four years ago and said that he felt that Mario was already a self-made artist because of how he cultivated and showcased his craft to the public. According to Darryl, Mario is always willing to commit and never stops growing and improving his craft. This one-of-a-kind artist’s objective is to advocate for love and self-assurance in his ventures. He believes that by creating a positive image for the youth, he would give them his rap story without using profane language, which many modern rappers use. This is one of Mario Canon’s unique characteristics as an artist.

One of Mario Canon’s singles, “Clones,” is a song that highlights his raw talent, but it is a single without any profanity, making it marketable to all audiences. Mario strongly believes that it’s essential for young people in his community to have a role model.

One of his highest career achievements is his nomination and win for the Best Actor award in The 48 Hour Film Project-Chicago. He was already excited to get a nomination for Best Actor at The 48 Hour Film Project- Chicago, which Mario would later win.

He credits his award to the Empire series, where he starred and recorded music for the show’s soundtrack. Mario gets his inspiration from his life’s challenges, especially when he was still a kid trying to overcome the impossible. When he became a music icon and hometown hero, Mario wanted to give back to his community often by doing fundraisers and toy drives. He even did a giveaway for a back-to-school fundraiser. 

Mario Canon isn’t just a gifted actor but also the Founder of an independent entertainment company, Star Power Elites. Star Power Elites makes influential music and motivates other aspiring artists to reach their dreams. With more than one radio station around Chicago playing his hits, it is undeniable why many people believe in his Star Power brand.

Despite his busy schedule, Mario Canon records rap music, films for television and movies, performs in shows, auditions for gigs, and operates his fitness center, which assists the clients in reaching their personal goals. He also has several speaking engagements. His manager, Darryl Stuggis, shares a longstanding friendship with the highly reputable Chicago artist Twista. He took the opportunity to introduce Mario to Twista. Eventually, they started a band that created a smash hit titled “Play to Win.”

With the support of the people around him and his loyal fan base, Mario Canon will be a star people will see for many years to come.

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