The Codeless Smart Contract Toolkit – Trickle

Trickle makes complex code simple for users through a codeless smart contract toolkit for Decentralized Finance (DeFi) to build and launch applications built on the platform.

The platform is an open-source smart contract archive designed for integration with Substrate in mind and has the $H2O native token at the core of its ecosystem.

Trickle aims to simplify users’ access to DeFi by providing easy-to-use tools for participation in Decentralized Applications (Dapp’s) as well as their development.

Developers can ease the development of contracts directly through trusted template contracts and an audited Substrate blockchain white label dashboard.

The platform wallet provides lossless staking allowing the lock-up of tokens by users to earn pooled Annual Percentage Yield (APY) as potential rewards with winners able to burn redistribution rewards granting access to the exclusive drip mining pool.

Trickle combines simplicity and functionality to bring users the most friendly and rich tools found in the crypto space, built by developers for all.

The platform is taking the hassle out of coding by breaking barriers to entry through a dashboard User Interface (UI) for step-by-step participation and deployment.

Platform adopters have the peace of mind to debug broken code and customize any audited smart contract without the need for coding.

Trickle allows users to share their Dapp and gain exposure to thousands of people at the click of a button to grow a greater user base and earn rewards as the platform flourishes.

The Trickle archive databank holds unlimited potential for members with open-source resources that will grow over time after deployment.

Additionally, users can earn and gain rewards for the exclusive beta app release by signing up and inviting friends to the platform.

Trickle is more than just DeFi with the white label smart contract archive, substrate developers will be able to integrate templated contracts directly into their blockchain. The archive is a library of these contracts that will be open-source and made available to all.

The upcoming year will be exciting for Trickle with the release of their Lossless staking contracts, smart pool toolkit, and mobile app development.

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