Emerging Artist Adom’s Dystopian Animated Music Video for “Kids of America” Reaches Over 1 Million Views

The new electro-pop/rock artist immediately finds an audience with his buzzed-about debut single and striking music video.

Adom -Musical artist

FEBRUARY 22, 2022 – NEW YORK, NY – Eight weeks ago, emerging artist Adom released his debut single and music video, “Kids of America,” directed and animated by critically acclaimed animator, Patrick Smith, which has now reached over an impressive one million views on both artists’ YouTube channels. “Kids of America” is a rock/electro-pop anthemic view of the apocalypse, which The New Hype says has “a fun, rebellious energy that is perfect for getting pumped up.”

The video explores the depths of technological manipulation and dependence when a youthful summer day is shattered by reality, as kids are dragged into a dark robot-controlled factory and transformed into cyborgs – until one brave soul resists and re-conquers his reality. Adom says, “The song and video represents how humans and artificial intelligence are intertwining as technology progresses. There needs to be an emphasis on people as organic beings and we need to be able to hold on to that as we head towards an artificially-based world.”

Adom is the protege of a renowned multiplatinum producer Phil Greene.  Greene was so impressed by the recordings, he called A&R legend Lennie Petze to get his take. Petze is the former Senior Vice President of A&R for Epic/Portrait Records and has a reputation for spotting great talent. He was immediately taken by Adom’s musical ability and production approach. 

Adom was born in Upstate New York. He is a prolific songwriter, producer, engineer, and a multi-instrumentalist that has been perfecting his craft with the help of a few seasoned veterans like Greene, who he had the opportunity to work with at an early age. He has been credited for some of the biggest pop artists, including New Kids on the Block. Adom quickly learned the skills and what it takes to be a great producer and engineer, as well as how to write and produce for commercial radio.

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Adom – Kids of America Music Video

Adom has also worked with world renowned record producers like Eric Thorngren (ET) and Steven Churchyard whose credits include Katy Perry, Adele, George Michael, and many more. 

In early 2020, Adom had finished a catalog over the phone during the pandemic. He admits it wasn’t the best way to work, but some magic happened. Petze, Greene, and Adom have selected the songs from what has become the debut album, which are sure to make an impact and continue the momentum of “Kids Of America.” But don’t expect it to all sound as dark as that track. He says, “I like to express myself with every song as an individual. In a sense, they are all my children. I give them all I have, nurture them, then let go – hoping I did a good job.” Petze assures that is the case. The legendary music business executive says, “He’s got some killer tracks that deserve to be heard”. 

More details on the full album and tour will be announced soon.

Website: https://www.adom.cloud/ 

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