Vicente Raga will launch worldwide his acclaimed novel saga “The Twelve Doors”

The historical mystery series that topped the sales charts in Spain, Mexico and the USA in Spanish, now will be available in English on March 15.

“It’s incredible. There is a lot of excitement around the mystery of this saga. We have many reservations. In addition, we hope to have the presence of the author in one of our associated bookstores on the release day. So much fuss!” enthuses Roberto Marín, from Florida Books.

“The Twelve Doors series narrates two stories in parallel. The first one happened in Valencia’s Jewish quarter at the end of the XIV century, where some kids stumble upon a secret society that still exists nowadays. A great mystery that transports us to that century, with a lot of hardships for the Jews. All characters existed in their time period, and the narrated facts are real,” continues Marín, who has Jewish roots. “The second story stars a group of friends that live in the present day that must solve a centennial-old mystery. The readers ask themselves, why I am readers two different tales? Maybe they have more connections than you think, and nothing is what it seems.”

“Without a doubt, the highlight of the novels are their main characters, the historian Rebecca Mercader and her mysterious friend Carlota Penella, two of the most Intelligent women in Europe. They have achieved fame for this series of novels. Huge sales speak for themselves.” Finishes Marín. 

Vicente Raga and his book series have been a true world phenomenon among Spanish readers during the past three years. He has led the sales charts in Spain. The ten novels of the series had been simultaneously the ten most-read books on Historical mystery for seven weeks in a row in Spain. A record not achieved by any other author. He has sold more than 600,000 books in the last two years.

In the meantime, he has left Spain and is now living with his family in Ireland, traveling to the USA when required by his work as a writer and screenwriter. 

He has received an offer from a streaming platform to shoot a TV series, although the author is not in a hurry to sign a deal. “I’m thinking about it,” smile Vicente Raga when he is asked. “Now, I am focused on the international release of ‘The Twelve Doors’, with the support of Amazon, and the birth of a new novel series. I have spent over a year in the historical documentation process.” continues Raga. “I am a passionate writer, and this is the most important question for me right now, enjoy the pleasure of reading and writing. The time of a TV series will come, eventually.” 

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