Renowned Singapore Based Entrepreneur Dr. Ramesh Ramachandra Releases Her Debut Book “The Big Jump into Entrepreneurship 2.0”

This book is a fantastic read for entrepreneurs as it helps them to rethink their business strategies, and teaches them to put the core values, beliefs, purpose at the center of everything. Dr. Ramesh Ramachandra draws upon her life experiences to combine a humorous story with practical insights about starting and scaling a business.

Singapore – Dr. Ramesh Ramachandra is glad to announce the launch of her debut book titled “The Big Jump into Entrepreneurship 2.0”. The book is packed with resources to help readers better understand and imbibe the concept of an entrepreneurial mindset and how specifically to adapt it to their business plans. It shares a new perspective on entrepreneurship and startup culture, that will keep the readers captivated till the very end. The mesmerizing literature is a reflection of the author’s natural insight and abundant wisdom and understanding of business challenges. The author has infused her vast experience as an entrepreneur, in writing and curating this lovely piece. The book hits the shelves in February 2022.

Dr. Ramesh Ramachandra is the founder and managing director of Singapore headquartered Talent Leadership Crucible (TLC). She is an expert in family businesses: to resolve deep-seated conflicts, navigate family successions tensions, onboard the next-gen, and build trans-generational future and legacy. Dr. Ramesh provides executive coaching to C-suite executives worldwide and holds a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) from Singapore Management University, SMU, and a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from Monash, Australia.

Dedicating this masterpiece work to her readers, Dr. Ramesh said, “This book shares tips on how to think like an entrepreneur and to self-introspect to validate your business idea. The book is intended to transform the thought process of budding entrepreneurs. I’ve crafted this book to assist them with conquering their shortcomings and overcoming their self-limiting attitudes. The book is centered around helping them build a business that is sustainable, scalable, and gratifying.”

In her debut book that promises to keep the readers engaged till the last page, Dr. Ramesh has explained a novel approach to “overcoming mental challenges” and reaching the business goals that one has set out for themselves.

Dr. Ramesh believes that “you simply can’t outsource thinking.” The Big Jump into Entrepreneurship 2.0 shows the first steps to adopting an entrepreneurial mindset. Learn how to break away from your limiting mindsets about entrepreneurship and in life, and tap on your existing abilities to become a successful entrepreneur and someone who navigates disruption effectively.

The book shares some unique thought-provoking ideas and concepts about how mindset and thinking can affect the journey of an entrepreneur. Many successful businesses and innovations that are commonplace today started with a simple idea in an entrepreneur’s mind. An entrepreneurial mindset allows you to take an idea, place it within the context of a market and then create a credible business plan.

The book also provides a step-by-step roadmap on starting a business – from conceiving an idea to testing it and then launching it. Various approaches of entrepreneurship will be explored, from freelancing, self-employment, franchising, multi-level marketing to acquiring an existing business. This book will offer readers some insights so that they know exactly what they are getting into. If you are excited about entrepreneurship but apprehensive about its process, this book will be the perfect guide for you to re-organize your strategies.

Dr. Ramesh is a prolific writer who knows how to capture the various shades of entrepreneurship in engaging stories and useful business insights. Readers will appreciate the book for its humor, authenticity, and relatability. The author has made extensive use of her education, career, and life experience in crafting the content of the book that speaks to the readers.

Book lovers and especially entrepreneurs who desire self-discovery, personal development, and transformation, are going to be enlightened and empowered by adopting one or more of the applicable concepts shared in this book.

About the Author

Dr. Ramesh Ramachandra is a dynamic and multi-talented personality who enjoys doing multiple things and is brilliant at managing them all with a finesse of a magician. She is an accomplished entrepreneur, mentor, trainer, business coach, author, writer and storyteller, and a positive influencer.

Dr. Ramesh has been recognized by Asia Week as one of Asia’s most influential women and by Barrier Breakers as a notable woman barrier breaker. She has also been featured in the Commonwealth Secretariat’s publication as a case study on women entrepreneurship. Her remarkable grass-roots work in empowering women in decision-making, leadership, and enterprise development have made her a sought-after speaker. She has worked on a women enterprise development project in Pyongyang, North Korea, as an UNDP/UNIFEM consultant.

As an entrepreneur, she has successfully raised millions of dollars in venture funds, set up regional offices, managed business mergers, taken charge of public offering application processes as well as undertaken the liquidation processes of the failed business. Dr. Ramesh was born in Sri Lanka, educated in Singapore, Australia, and the United States, and currently lives with her family in Singapore/Vietnam.

The Big Jump into Entrepreneurship 2.0” is available for purchase online on Amazon at

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