This NFT Black Card is 10 Times More Exclusive than Amex Centurion

This NFT Black Card is 10 Times More Exclusive than Amex Centurion
The creators of Lucid Black are creating the next-gen black card that will give Amex Centurion and its estimated 100,000 members a run for their money.

USA – With a limited supply of 10,000 non-fungible tokens only, this exclusive club for high-net-worth NFT investors, backed by the power of blockchain, is primed to become the symbol of exclusivity in the decentralized finance world this year.

An Exclusive Club for NFT Enthusiasts by NFT Enthusiasts

The NFT market is growing at an unprecedented pace. The trade volume for the first month of 2022 has already crossed the $6 billion mark with no end in sight to the rapid growth of these non-fungible tokens.

At the same time, the steep learning curve involved in managing the technicalities, logistics, and marketing firepower necessary for a successful launch is beyond the grasp of most individuals. This is proven by the fact that the vast majority of NFT best-sellers are launched by a team of artists with the backing of expert Web3 developers and prominent promoters.

The creators of Lucid Black want to bring individuality to this decentralized frontier of art by empowering its members with a variety of NFT-enabling offerings. Holders of the Lucid Black card will get exclusive access to an effortless suite of solutions designed to enable the creation, vetting, launching, and selling of NFTs across all major marketplaces.

By leveraging the expertise, connections, and unified resources of the community, members will be able to synergize their efforts and maximize their chances of joining the upper echelons of NFT success.

Other notable initiatives include the chance to acquire rare NFTs at exclusive discounts, pooling funds to acquire more exquisite pieces together, and pitching NFT ideas to the entire club.

Bridging the Gap Between the Physical World and the Digital Realms

Following Facebook’s decision to rebrand the parent company as Meta, there’s been a flurry of interest in the metaverse by investors and consumers alike. The result is that the metaverse has become a buzzword at this point that every project is incorporating in their marketing.

Lucid Black is attempting a different approach by merging the metaverse with real-world initiatives. The team believes that for metaverse to have any meaningful impact on our lives, the physical world cannot be ignored.

As a result, Lucid Black will offer its prestigious members access to not only metaverse perks, but also VIP access to fine dining establishments, luxury clubs, airport lounges, and more — in the physical world.

A Black Card that Could Generate Positive ROI for Its Holders

By combining the exclusivity of black cards, the rewards of prestigious clubs, and the non-fungibility of NFTs, Lucid Black is primed to become one of the hottest NFT projects of 2022 and beyond.

Unlike the Amex Centurion and other VIP memberships from the traditional finance world, Lucid Black is offering a resaleable asset on top of all the privileges that the membership offers. Like any non-fungible token, these blockchain-backed black cards will be tradable across a variety of premier NFT marketplaces.

With time, as more and more people join this exclusive club, the limited supply of these NFT black cards will naturally transition to scarcity, thus flipping the equation in favor of current members and opening the room for ROI-positive exits. 

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