Crossroads Discovery is Offering an Innovative Approach to Helping Young People Develop Life Skills, Emotional Health, and Wellness

By providing clinical wilderness therapy and outdoor adventure programs, Crossroads Discovery intends to help young people find help in a very challenging dispensation

Young people have a hard time developing and practicing sound life skills. It is not new to see young people face varying difficulties in managing their emotions and adapting to different environments, which leads them to make poor decisions that get in the way of their relationships with others, education, and future careers. Coming to the aid of young people, Sheldon Nelson founded Crossroads Discovery, an organization that adopts a gentle approach to helping students develop life skills, conflict resolution, and emotional health and wellness.

Crossroads Discovery facilitates life-enhancing experiences for individuals and families alike through individual coaching and outdoor expeditions. It was founded to fill the gap between clinical wilderness therapy and outdoor adventure programs to ensure young people are equipped with life hacks and the right emotional intelligence to face life.

“The idea of Crossroads Discovery came about when we saw a need,” asserted Sheldon Nelson. “Crossroads Discovery fills a need for a program that is designed for an individual that needs an outdoor experience, direction, or motivation to launch forward. Crossroads Discovery programs are designed to promote self-discovery and build tools for emotional health through hiking and camping with backcountry guides and certified Life Coaches.”

The wilderness strategy offers the opportunity to develop and master skills in self-reliance, accountability, decision-making, responsibility, leadership, and communication. The combination of beautiful backcountry trails and experienced wilderness guides allows Crossroads Discovery participants to experience the transformative power of introspection and mindfulness practices in an outdoor setting, away from the distractions of everyday life.

“As I’ve come to crossroads in my own life, I found there were new discoveries to be had. When I found myself needing healing, the wilderness is where I turned. I found that intensive therapy was not what I needed, but loving people close by and time to feel and process my emotions. The wilderness provided a space for new discoveries and self-awareness. It gave a place to cry, to be vulnerable, and a place to let go of feelings, behaviors, and all manner of emotions that were holding me back,” concluded Sheldon.

Crossroads Discovery aims to provide self-confidence, behavioral health, substance abuse counseling, life skills, wilderness therapy, programs for troubled teens, substance abuse treatment, southwest behavioral health, behavioral health near me, and adult life skills. Crossroads Discovery takes students on hiking and camping expeditions with backcountry guides and certified life coaches with programs designed to promote self-discovery and emotional health. Students learn how to care for the Earth using Leave No Trace principles, navigate through the wilderness, learn to live in peace with nature, and study the Earth, plants, and sky. They also learn how to traverse animals’ paths and understand the sacredness of life.

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