Latest Apparel Brand, Face Meet Fist Puts Fighters First

With a shirt or two, you can support the dream of an athlete in need.

Mixed martial arts (MMA) remains to be on the rise. Aside from being a mainstream combat sport, it has also experienced a booming commercial growth as it is one of the fastest growing multi-billion dollar a year sports industries. However, while the sport itself is taking the limelight, a lot of aspiring fighters lack the support necessary to pursue it as a full time career. This is why Face Meet Fist puts fighters before profits.

Based in New York City, the recently launched apparel brand Face Meet Fist has gained attention and popularity in the industry with their one of a kind designs for MMA fighters across the globe. They offer a full line of products from tees and hoodies, to custom jackets, sneakers and training gear. On their website you’ll also see their own eye-catching character designs. (Think Garbage Pail Kids meets MMA). There is something there that appeals to the fighter in all of us. What sets Face Meet Fist apart is that athletes at any stage in their career can bring their own unique style and create a full product line for their fans. Their roster of athletes stretches from amateur fighters all the way to UFC Champions. (Yes, you read that right!)

Founded by Andrew Sarowitz (@dr.sarowitz on Instagram), Face Meet Fist delivers more than just apparel. They are on a mission to give hope and support to fighters who have the passion for MMA but may not be financially stable enough to pursue it full time. Face Meet Fist is disrupting the industry by providing an opportunity for athletes to generate passive income. According to Andrew, “We’re in a place where fighters need our support. I’ve heard too many stories about athletes having to keep a full time job just to support their dream. I feel like most promoters and organizations only think about what they can take from these athletes so I created FMF to do the opposite. We’re here only to give. My goal is to be a resource to help them generate passive income to support their MMA journey.”

For every purchase of sponsored merchandise at Face Meet Fist, they give 100% of its net proceeds directly to athletes. They wear that badge with pride and offer overwhelming support both inside and outside of the cage.

Join them in putting fighters first. Visit Face Meet Fist’s website at to learn more. Feel free to check out their Instagram page as well at @facemeetfist.

About Face Meet Fist

Face Meet Fist is an apparel brand that creates one of a kind looks for MMA fighters across the globe. One hundred percent of their net proceeds goes directly to athletes.

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