Instilling One of the Most Important Virtues, Pen Culture Solutions’ Book ‘I Respect You, I Respect Me’, Hopes to Highlight the Importance of Respect in Every Aspect of Life

Reminding individuals of their moral obligations and various virtues in life is crucial, which is what the book ‘I Respect You, I Respect Me’ elaborates on.

Los Angeles, CA, USA – Throughout life, due to a variety of reasons, people often forget how impactful their words can be. Individuals must always remember their core values, the roots upon which they were brought up and raised. The book ‘I Respect You, I Respect Me’ is the author’s second book on the concept of virtues relayed through children’s books. The book is meant to go further than just a story or examples- the purpose of the book is to remind the reader of the importance of showing respect. Showing respect is not limited to respecting people in power or status. It is a basic principle of life where one must acknowledge the efforts of every human being and the Creator itself. Be it a worker in a factory or someone who sweeps the streets- everyone is worthy of the same respect, and no worldly factor can influence the degree of respect someone receives. Everyone should be treated with love and kindness, regardless of their caste, ethnicity, background, or financial status. This is what the book speaks about and the virtues it hopes to instill into the hearts of those who read it. 

As it is a children’s book, there are various illustrations and drawings to keep it entertaining as well as informative. Examples are shown as to how people can show respect to individuals from different aspects of their lives. Not only to others but also how to show respect to oneself as this virtue must start from within. The book ‘I Respect You, I Respect Me’ was illustrated by the talented artist Sudipta Steve Dasgupta. The author desires that this book humbles all those who come across it, children and adults alike, as respect is an imperative part of a person’s emotional and spiritual health. 

The book also touches on the rewards of showing respect to others. It emphasizes how not all rewards are materialistic; rather, people should focus on the internal rewards it offers and how it plays an essential role in elevating our sense of self and importance for our well-being. 

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