EYWA Protocol Announces a New Milestone in Development

Novosibirsk, Russia – In May of 2022, the EYWA protocol announces mainnet access and full integration of friendly blockchains to create a shared and fully functioning ecosystem.

By February 22, EYWA management announces the successful integration (to existing projects) of the Solana and CoinEx blockchain. For two months of 2022, EYWA officially received partnership agreements with projects such as:

  • Cheesus
  • Harmony One
  • NEAR

In preparation for the mainnet launch, the end of the Alpha testing was announced, which will end with an NFT drop of 54,000 tokens, developed in collaboration with the SalAd creative team. There are currently less than 2,000 vacant tokens left.

Nikita Krasnoperov, CMO EYWA, said, “It is important to understand that the EYWA project is not just a commercial implementation of needs, but also strives to combine various blockchains into a single, decentralized ecosystem that will be convenient not only for end-users but also for developers. We are happy about the imminent entry into the mainnet and the high appraisal of our project by our partners and investors.”

About EYWA

EYWA is a decentralized cross-chain protocol for transferring liquidity and data, working with all blockchains that have smart contracts.

EYWA build an ecosystem that integrates various DeFi blockchains and protocols, enabling users and developers .to take advantage of all existing DeFi blockchains. EYWA is a zero-layer protocol for building the cross-chain DeFi protocols of the future.

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White Paper: https://eywa.fi/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/EYWA_whitepaper_en.pdf

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