Law Firm Growth Formula Teaches Law Firms to Increase Income and Develop Sustainable Growth

This framework is taught in a three-part crash course that teaches lawyers how to plan, grow and scale their law firm so that they can do the work they love while enjoying a wholesome and whole life.

Profit with Law is an organization led by Moshe Amsel, MBA, EA, a Profit First Professional with extensive entrepreneurship expertise as the owner of a successful accounting firm. He helps law firm owners grow their practice with a focus on creating generational wealth through his framework, Law Firm Growth Formula.

Moshe helps his clients create a law firm that allows them to choose the legal work they do, pay themselves more and work less so that they can spend time with their loved ones and leave behind a powerful legacy.

“With the right leadership and systems, a team becomes an unstoppable force that takes on a life of its own and becomes way more than you ever could accomplish on your own,” shared Moshe.

In the Law Firm Growth Formula, Moshe shares a growth formula specifically for law firms. It allows his clients to become more profitable in their business while at the same time decreasing the number of hours a law firm owner spends in their law firm. His clients accomplish these results by focusing on better pricing strategy for their services, increasing their team, and using technology to automate their improved systems and processes. Ultimately, they will consistently grow their client base without the hustle and grind they’ve been told is the only way.

This course is made up of three easy-to-watch, bite-sized videos that can easily be consumed by any lawyer, even with a busy schedule.

The first part of the course, Plan, guides law firms in getting a clear vision and goals for their firm. It is the perfect starting point when it comes to building a strong foundation. The formula gets law firms started on how to approach pricing so that they can be sure they are charging their clients appropriately. It also focuses on understanding the business math, so that the model can be tested on paper before being implemented in reality.

The course’s second part is called Grow. Consistent growth requires appealing marketing of the law firm so that the client can attract their ideal clients. Through the course, they will learn how to efficiently close sales and improve their intake process, so that their marketing efforts aren’t going to waste. This part also focuses on automation where using technology can take the place of many hours of labor that the law firm is probably spending right now doing things manually. All of these improvements have a direct effect on increasing the profitability of the law firm.

Finally, part three is called Scale. The final piece is about building a firm that lawyers can scale. It addresses everything — from hiring the right people to create a powerful team to implementing the right systems and processes that will allow them to take on more clients and serve them more efficiently, providing a stellar customer experience. This part also focuses on leadership and the role the law firm owner plays in leading a powerful team that is highly efficient, thereby creating massive profitability for the law firm owner.

Law Firm Growth Formula simplifies the business model for small firm success into a simple framework that anybody can understand. It also helps them identify where they need to focus their attention in their law firm growth.

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About Profit with Law

Profit with Law is an organization founded by Moshe Amsel, MBA, EA, a Profit First Professional with extensive entrepreneurship expertise as the owner of a successful accounting firm and an expert in law firm growth. Profit with Law serves the legal community with free content as well as coaching programs to facilitate generational wealth for law firm owners.

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