Ftmmachinery Unveils Charcoal Briquettes to Replace Traditional Fuels

Ftmmachinery provides different types of charcoal briquetting machines to maximize the recycling of biomass materials, such as agriculture residue, coconut shells, to produce a more environmentally friendly and valuable charcoal briquette as a fuel.

Traditional fuels made Nigeria lose 40% of rainforest in 6 years

It is reported that between 2009 and 2015, Nigeria lost 40% of its rain forest due to the recurring deforestation, not only because of charcoal production but other woods application like furniture and others.

Nigeria lost 40% of rainforest in 6 years

Charcoal briquette provides a low-cost means of cooking, home heating and industrial activities in many countries. But it also leads to deforestation and land degradation. The smoke it produces really does great harm to human health and environment. 

Therefore, it is urgent to find a clean and renewable alternative fuel.

Charcoal briquette is a direct substitute for the traditional tree charcoal

“Coal briquette is the best alternative fuel option to mitigate global warming,” says Noah Thompson, the chief expert from Ftmmachinery. 

He put that charcoal briquette is basically made from some biomass materials, such as woodchips, rice husks, coconut shells, bamboo shavings, corn stalks, which does not pose any risk to the environment. 

Compared with traditional fuels, charcoal briquette has outstanding advantages: 

–  It has a low and is easy to burn;
–  It burns longer and contains more calories;
–  It almost produces no smoke. This can greatly reduce the emissions of greenhouse gas, therefore charcoal briquette much cleaner and more environmentally friendly;
–  It produces less litter and residue, which can be recycled as fertilizer.

Global market of charcoal briquette 

The charcoal briquette can create huge economic benefits thereby it has a very broad prospect in the global market.

The North American charcoal market is set to reach $466.6 million by 2030. Currently, the U.S. is the largest contributor to the charcoal market.

The reasons are as follows:

–  The charcoal briquette is cleaner. The heat is easier to control, whereas cooking with wood chips requires years of mastery;
–  People like to socialize with gatherings that feature barbecue culture;
–  The strict emission norms and growing concern over global warming are expected to drive clean energy resources. 

In terms of the Asian countries and African countries, where most of the population lives in rural areas, the biomass materials like woodchips, rice husks, bamboo shavings, corn stalks, and coconut shells can be easily converted into charcoal briquettes to use as fuel in industrial activities, heaters, residential and so on. The African countries are mostly relied on natural resources because of the lack of infrastructure. Therefore, charcoal briquette is the best source for a wide variety of applications. 



In order to protect the ecological environment, customers should use charcoal briquettes as fuel. As a leading manufacturer of charcoal briquette machines, Ftmmachinery is always glad to give customers professional guide and capital proposals. 

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