Neichole Linhorst Enters The Wonderful World Of Children’s Literature With Two Exciting New Books

Neichole Linhorst Enters The Wonderful World Of Children's Literature With Two Exciting New Books
The dedicated wife, and mother of two lovely children, has recently applied her creative prowess to the child education scene by authoring two exciting children’s books, with many more titles lined up for future release.

February 25, 2022 – Neichole Linhorst has joined the long list of acclaimed children’s book authors by writing and publishing two new children’s books that promise to be an exciting read for both children and parents alike. The lawyer, wife, and mother of two lovely children is the founder of Clever Press & Pen L.L.C. and says she decided to dive into children’s literature after the birth of her first child and has loved the decision ever since.

Neichole Linhorst is a proponent of inclusion and her first publication, Majestic Afro, artfully captures her love and support for equality, self-love and confidence. Majestic Afro is a children’s book that inspires children, especially boys, to love and cherish their Afros, kinks, and curls. The author explains, “Majestic Afro celebrates natural hair and the boys -and girls- who rock it. It’s a story-poem with a catchy affirmation in each line designed to create respect and love for one’s natural hair. Most of the images feature boys with their gravity-defying Afros, stretching out to the atmosphere and inspiring others. It also includes girls with their halos of hair.” She also revealed that the book was inspired by her son’s glorious Afro.

Aside from inspiring self-love and confidence, Majestic Afro contains new words for building the vocabulary of young readers, as well as beautiful illustrations that lead to further discussion about space, history, and culture. Tender readers can also have fun with Majestic Afro The Coloring Book.

Her second work, The Goodnight Fight is a fun, creatively written poem that explores the crafty ways kids try to avoid bedtime until they finally surrender in defeat to sleep. From pleas for more gaming time to the sudden need for more snacks, kids everywhere find clever ways to try to get more time to stay up. Neichole Linhorst noted that “Bedtime is a parent life challenge that doesn’t end, and The Goodnight Fight takes a humorous look at it in a colorful, catchy way.” She wrote the book in the hopes that parents, caregivers, and kids can bond over the shared challenges of bedtime while winding down with reading.

Neichole Linhorst has also hinted that she has many upcoming books titled Shheepy, The Cat, and The Counting Rat, Friendly J and Smile Like Diamonds scheduled for publication soon, along with her back catalog that includes Plainville and its companion coloring book. 

Parents and caregivers searching for diverse, inclusive books to add to their reading collection for their little ones can visit or the author’s website to purchase any of her amazing work.

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