Origins – Win The War, a strategy puzzle game based on blockchain technology

Today’s gaming business is constantly evolving, the industry is on the verge of disruption, and it has historically found innovation and adapted it to changing needs. Taking the evolution of the game business model as an example, the first mainstream games adopted a pay-to-play system. We remember that these games were mostly arcade machines in malls or CDs in computers, or later downloaded directly to machines. The advantage of pay-to-play is simple: pay once and play forever.

After pay-to-play came the freemium model of gaming. In this era, gamers no longer had to pay to start playing games. Instead, companies earn revenue from players paying to unlock other components of the game, or more commonly, from sales of in-game purchases such as expansion packs, platform subscriptions, and character decorations. For many, freemium games have lowered the barrier to entry and the shift to freemium games has helped increase the number of gamers worldwide.

This brings us to today, where the start of the next monetization revolution in gaming is just around the corner: blockchain gaming. The blockchain gaming industry has earned other names such as GameFi or Play-to-Earn, indicating a new monetization model for this gaming era. Blockchain games often contain non-fungible tokens (NFTs) or other forms of tokenized assets, as in-game content, that can be traded for cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies on blockchain-facilitated marketplaces. Thus, this core monetization strategy comes in the form of the sale of tokenized assets and subsequent royalties. Game studios and players share consistent incentives in this new business model, as both parties benefit when the game’s tokenized asset value increases.

Origins-Win The War, a strategy puzzle game based on blockchain technology

Origins-Win The War (Plants vs. Zombies block game version) is a strategy based on blockchain technology. Origins-Win The War (Plants vs. Zombies block game version) is a strategy puzzle game based on blockchain technology. Launched in 2021, the project is fully built by the original Plants vs. Zombies main creative core team. The core members of the project have large-scale game development experience and successful operational experience. The project team has absorbed a number of world-renowned game developers and senior blockchain developers.

As we all know, for most people, are not unfamiliar with the game Plants vs. Zombies. It is a classic and interesting strategy tower defense game. Players reasonably use those plants to defeat attacking zombies.

Origins-Win The War (Plants vs. Zombies block game version) The game content is basically the same as Plants vs. Zombies 1. It still focuses on planting plants to resist the attack of zombies, but the game levels have changed the original clearance mode and are presented in the form of maps. . In the plot, players will travel through time and space under the leadership of Crazy Dave and Penny, the time machine, to kill zombies invading the field for tacos. The game brings together elements such as tower defense, real-time strategy and card collection, which is extremely strategic and challenging.

Origins-Win The War is a world that has experienced the baptism of the apocalypse. Jeff has nurtured heroes and guardians of the apocalypse, hoping to help more survivors survive. Players cultivate these special plant heroes, and the combination of sunlight can make the plant warriors in the garden stronger and easier to defeat the endless zombie groups.

On the other hand, the investment of various kryptonites in the original game is completely unrewarded, while Origins-Win The War can make money through the game, buy NFTs in the market to participate in the game, and generate game tokens for income. If you want more, you can level up your NFT heroes or hone your skills and conquer the Sunshine leaderboards. Generates revenue through DAO operation, and creates a Play to Earn relaxing and casual development game for users.


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