Doki Doki, Inc. Becomes World’s First Audio Metaverse Company with their Cubemint platform

The team will be renamed Audio Metaverse to fully focus on their new metaverse offering.

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San Francisco – The new name Audio Metaverse, Inc. fully conveys the company’s recently acquired direction towards the metaverse and the product they are developing. 

From social audio to audio metaverse

Known for social audio app Dabel, Doki Doki Inc. took their experience in the field to create an augmented social audio metaverse platform.

Last year they announced building an app that integrates the physical world into the virtual world through sound with corresponding NFT’s. Shortly after, the company also filed a patent application for Audio Augmented Reality. 

The team is now aligning their brand with their new focus by changing the company name to Audio Metaverse, Inc.

Building an inclusive metaverse

The 80.000 users of the company’s previous social audio product were predominantly sensitive to visual stimulants which made the Audio Metaverse, Inc. team always consider the accessibility of its platform.

The company is taking those learnings with them to develop their audio metaverse platform Cubemint.

“One of the biggest challenges the metaverse faces today is inclusivity and accessibility,” says CEO and founder Takahito Iguchi. “We are taking our experiences with visually impaired users with us to turn Cubemint into an audio metaverse space accessible to everyone and that ultimately eliminates loneliness and isolation.”

The biggest advantage of the audio metaverse is that users are not entering a completely different world: it’s an enhancement to their physical reality and acts as a bridge to connect with virtual spaces and users. The barrier to enter the audio metaverse is also much lower compared to most other metaverses since the only tool needed is a pair of earbuds.

Cubemint is currently being tested by key players such as sound designers and users with low vision to bring it up to the level with the vision the company has for the audio metaverse.

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