RareLeads Disrupts Real Estate Lead Generation With This Harvard Funnel

RareLeads Disrupts Real Estate Lead Generation With This Harvard Funnel

New, York, NY – February 28, 2022 – RareLeads is a lead generation company with a unique approach to media-buying using its inbuilt lead engine that comes with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. The company offers a fully customized CRM based on a Harvard Business Review article on the best practices for lead response management. For every lead generation campaign that RareLeads takes on, it adopts a data-driven approach that ensures that high-intent buyers and sellers receive its marketing messages.

When two experts come together to become partners and build a revolutionary platform, they have the potential to change the face of business in that particular niche. For Alen Magreli and Jake Shore, building RareLeads and The Rare Group Inc. was a way of merging their experiences and building something to help businesses achieve their customer acquisition goals through obtaining quality leads.

Alen has years of marketing experience, having launched multiple successful e-commerce websites and spending millions on Facebook advertisements to promote his ventures. He switched to real estate media, buying for brokerages in exchange for equity. Now, he works with Jake by his side, pushing a lead generation company towards success while helping thousands of customers achieve scalability. Jake brings years of experience as a director of sales for one of the largest real estate brokers in Long Island, overseeing over $300 million of real estate sales annually.

RareLeads thrives on its next-level lead acquisition, and its Harvard Business Review-based software with inbuilt AI easily converts leads into buyer/seller appointments with minimal human interaction. In addition, the platform’s accurate media-buying system and follow-up system are unique in the industry and get as much as possible out of every lead they acquire. The follow-up gets the user on the phone with a lead within five minutes and handles all the follow-up conversations from there, giving RareLeads a towering edge over many other companies offering the same services.

Since 2020, RareLeads has served independent real estate agents and brokerages with hundreds of team members. It utilizes a partnership approach when serving realtors by offering them a solution no matter where they are on their journey, thus achieving significant success. Describing the company’s process, Alen said, “We are the only lead provider that makes every lead think they already spoke to us. Our clients’ opening line to their leads is, “Hey, this is the realtor you just spoke to,” and we adopted this strategy to give them a sense of familiarity and belonging. No company provides this. The main thing that separates RareLeads from the competition, aside from the quality of our leads and follow-up system, is the support available. There is 24/7 support with a dedicated America-based account manager that typically has a 5-minute response time.”

In a few years, RareLeads hopes to be the most prominent name in the real estate space. The founders aim to fix the current broken and monopolized method of generating business in the real estate world. “We plan to give the power back to realtors and release a version of our service that can be done in-house for a fraction of the operating cost we currently have. Bringing down costs and handing power back to realtors is our end goal,” Alen promises. With over 1,500 recurring monthly users, RareLeads seems to be on a growth trajectory geared towards building the next generation of powerful entrepreneurs.

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