Grace Lawson’s Novel Rise of the Ravenisha Is Up For Sale

11th March, 2022 – United States Of America – With emerging demand for good fictional novels, We are happy to announce our new fictional Novel, Rise of the Ravenisha. It is now available on Amazon.

The Novel is about an ancient tribe of Dahomey warrior women who gained the ability to transform into black panthers after making a deal with the dark spirit La Panthère Noire. A few centuries later, their queen, Idia, betrayed her closest friends, selling them to America under shady pretexts and ulterior motives as slaves. A present-day southern United States is the setting for the story, where the women, who are now known as Old Generation Ravenisha, decide it is time for them to rise up and break their ties with the past.

There is humor, romance, action, and mystery in Rising of the Ravenisha. You can get spellbound by the storyline, plot, and development in this paranormal Novel. A shout-out goes out to Grace because she has a passion for writing. In the book, she used synergistic dialogue, nuances, and word usage that made the read a smooth read for me.

In this story, the female heroines brought their A-games! All of them, from Leona to Lizzy to Tildy to Ceola and even Fredi, can take place in your heart.

Author P. Grace Lawson has done an excellent job in penning this book, and it is evident that she put a great deal of effort into the characters and their backgrounds. She has a beautiful way with words, and her writing style flows smoothly. This is a great read if you’re looking for a great read! Rise of the Ravenisha!P. Grace Lawson was born in Alabama and has always had a love for writing. After completing her degree in Anthropology, she decided to pursue her dreams and write full-time. Rise of the Ravenisha is her first Novel.

The author has a superb quality of pressing words and stories to paper..character development and details were well thought out. She is great at making characters and converting them into real life.

The way she moves through the story is just so creamy. She knows how to take characters and bring them into reality; she is great at playing with words.

You can purchase this great read on Amazon for a few bucks, and I highly recommend that you do so!

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