Delicoin – The potential token of the financial ecosystem and technology DeliAlgo

Delicoin is attracting the attention from a lot of investors after this token has been IEO on LAToken – the top 10 exchanges with the largest trading volume in the world.

Delicoin (DLC) is the foundation token of the DeliAlgo technology and financial ecosystem. DLC is used to fuel the platform and pay for services in this ecosystem. Users can get free DLC in Airdrop programs or in the metaverse-styled virtual property platform provided by DeliAlgo.

DLC token information:

–   Full Name: DeliCoin

–   Short name: DLC

–   Total supply: 2.5 billion tokens

–   Blockchain Platform: Binance Smart Chain

–   Smart contracts: Click Here

The IEO DLC event on LAToken shows that the DeliAlgo ecosystem is on the right track of its development. DLC tokens will be listed on LAToken, 5ROI on March 2022 and the near future in CoinOne, CoinMarketCap.

DLC – Token of the potential ecosystem DeliAlgo:

DeliAlgo is a financial and technology ecosystem developed from 2018. This ecosystem provides users with products and services for financial management, entertainment, monetization and smart consumption. With technology as the core, DeliAlgo ecosystem provides key products and services including:

–    ContentChill – A content creation platform that allows users to find, publish, and sell content. ContentChill also provides an auction mechanism, allowing users to become co-owners with content creators. In the future, the application of blockchain technology to the ContentChill platform will help content creators promote and monetize NFT products.

–    The DeliAlgo ecosystem also have developped an AI-powered financial management platform (which have been used in Korea, Japan, and China financial market for many years) – DeliFinance. DeliFinance will provide “Hyper-personalized holistic wealth management platform” through open banking for the tech savvy users. With this open bank, users can buy, sell or trade digital commodities. Besides that, they can manage their personal finances with an AI-powered financial management tool. One of the notable things about this platform is that the cryptocurrency exchange will launch in late 2022.

–    Entertainment For DeliAlgo: At this platform, users can use Delicoin (DLC) for entertainment with three popular board games played based on challenge and competition. The DeliAlgo ecosystem provides DLC to users actively participate games and organizes tournaments where users can bet with this token.

–    DeliChill – a modern and cost-effective food delivery platform. Here, customers, restaurants and drivers are connected with each other through a smart application, making food delivery easy and cost-effective. In the next phase, DeliChill users can create their own virtual store in the metaverse space, promote and monetize their products with the support tools provided by the platform.

With a team of years of experience in finance and technology, DeliAlgo promises to conquer users with high-tech products and services that are pervasive to all areas of society at a reasonable cost for users. DeliAlgo’s goal is to build a complete ecosystem, fully develop the necessary pieces, fully serve users’ needs, and retain users. Since then, DeliAlgo has aimed to become the leading financial and technology ecosystem in the region and the world, contributing to the development of the digital economy.

Invest in Delicoin:

DLC is a multifunctional token that benefits its holders towards upcoming projects in the DeliAlgo ecosystem. With marketing campaigns and global events planned, Delicoin has a bright future ahead of it. The IEO DLC token is happening on LAToken and 5ROI Exchange, this is an opportunity for investors to own DLC tokens at a favorable price, before this token lists on reputable exchanges and has spectacular growth. Join IEO DLC token:

For further information about the Delicoins, visit or send an email to The Delicoins project also has a fast-growing online community across social media, including Telegram:

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