Butterfly Finance introduces an easy way to use the complex DeFi infrastructure with its automated app

Butterfly Finance (BFLY) offers an automated all-in-one solution to this problem. With the BFLY app, investing in farming projects adjusted to users’ requirements is possible without prior knowledge. Recently the company has released its whitepaper.

Butterfly Finance aims to bring people closer to DeFi and understandably. DeFi (decentralized finance) infrastructure is quite complex, and most people don’t have the time or the necessary prior knowledge to act safely and effectively. It is where Butterfly Finance comes in.

BFLY is working on an automated all-in-one app designed to help people invest in farming projects without the risk of losing money due to the human factor and always have an overview of how safe and profitable their cryptocurrencies are.

In addition, the app will include an NFT trading & auction platform, as well as an educational platform where all these topics will be explained in professional videos. In a recent development, the company has released its whitepaper with all the salient information and features all investors deserve to know. It is available on Butterfly Finance’s website. Also, the countdown of its exclusive Pre-sale Round – 1 has begun. It will be live on the website soon.

It may sound attractive to invest money in a 100,000% APY farming project, but this usually also means that the project has significant risks often not shown. Butterfly Finance (BFLY) offers an automated all-in-one solution to this problem. With the BFLY app, investing in farming projects adjusted to users’ requirements without prior knowledge is possible. It offers its solution in 4 categories:

  • A specially developed calculation formula calculates the relation between safety and return on farming projects and creates a score that shows how good (10) or bad (1) a farming -project is.
  • An app in which this calculation formula is implemented and applied to farming -projects previously analyzed by their professional team of experts and added to the app.
  • Free education and tutorial videos for people who want to become experts in DeFi, crypto, and blockchain themselves.
  • Full automation at higher tiers unlocked by holding a certain number of tokens in the app.

Moreover, the app will also serve as a crypto wallet to safely store their client’s cryptocurrencies and NFTs. The safety of the app and In-app functions is guaranteed because three different companies audit the app and all the features it contains.

The Use-case of BFLY Token are as follows:

  • Unlock different tiers in the Butterfly Finance App to get more features and higher APY in BFLY farming projects.
  • Buying and selling NFTs on the BFLY in-app NFT exchange.
  • Generate passive income through farming projects.
  • Reflect the BFLY market value.
  • Execute cheap and fast transactions.

Potential users and crypto enthusiasts must visit the website for further details. Join Telegram to connect with the community and solve all the crypto-investing problems with Butterfly Finance. 

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