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With the sound of the gunshots of the Russian-Ukrainian war, A-share Hong Kong stocks fell collectively, and safe-haven funds poured into gold, oil and other sectors, hitting new highs in more than a year.

In the face of a fall, what should we do?

Under the influence of external tensions, the market’s demand for safe-haven funds continues to increase. Coinbetter finds a track for investors, insists on digging in the market and provides users with a variety of different types of diversified products. At present, Coinbetter has added a new section of “staking”, and recently launched a number of currency management projects, dedicated to helping users provide value-added services for idle digital assets.

Coinbetter “staking” is a wealth management product developed based on the needs of users for stable investment. It has low risk and stable returns. It is divided into sections. Users can understand that each project has a corresponding investment period and year according to their own needs. Free choice and investment of income.

According to the official website, staking is divided into flexible currency management and fixed currency management, and fixed currency management includes 15-day regular currency, 30-day regular currency, 60-day regular currency, 90-day regular currency,  and 360-day management currency.

At present, there are 9 currencies in flexible management, including many types, involving the most popular governance tokens such as DOGE, MATIC, FTM, FIL and so on. The floating range of the annualized income range of the project of flexible management will be adjusted at any time according to the actual income of the mining pool. However, the interest rate is also quite considerable. The most important point is that flexible currency management means that there is no need to lock up positions, and users can transfer in and out at any time.

The 15-day fixed currency management currently only includes USDT and FTM. The annualized rate of return of USDT can be as high as 10%; FTM also has an annualized return rate of 8%.

In terms of popularity, the number of people participating in 30-day regular currency management and 60-day regular currency management is the most popular. The reason is probably that the time span of these two currency management methods is not very long, and the annualized return rate is also high. Among these fixed coins, these two have the highest pay-to-return ratio.

The 30-day regular currency management covers 6 governance tokens, all of which are currently popular, and the annualized the return rate is also high. Among them, USDT ranks first with an annualized return rate of 15%.

The 60-day regular currency management adds ZTB’s currency management on the basis of the 30-day regular currency management, and the annualized return of ZTB reaches 15%, while the highest still belongs to the annualized value of USDT, reaching 18%. It can be said to be one of the most profitable ways at present.

The 90-day regular currency management covers 6 governance tokens, and the popularity is also quite high. As always, the annualized earnings of USDT and ZTB are unparalleled, and they are deeply loved by users with a return rate of 18%.

From the point of view of yield, the 360-day fixed currency management yield is the highest in the market, USDT has achieved an annualized yield of 25%, and ZT has reached an annualized yield of 20%. If you want to pursue the highest income, then the 360-day fixed currency management method is undoubtedly the most suitable.

After continuous development, Coinbetter has supported dozens of cryptocurrencies, among which the currency management methods led by USDT and ZTB are highly sought after by users. By participating in “staking”, you can start to earn income the next day, and the investment threshold is 0, which is an investment method suitable for all users.

More popular coin management projects will be added in the future, so stay tuned.

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