FlipHTML5 Makes Workbook Templates Online & Interactive

FlipHTML5 Makes Workbook Templates Online & Interactive

“Make boring workbook templates engaging”
Workbook templates are a great way to create attractive workbooks. FlipHTML5 will make a free workbook template even more appealing with its dynamic features.

Workbooks have long been an integral part of the educational process. They help students put what they’ve learned into practice and give teachers an idea of how well students have grasped the concepts taught. Since education has gone largely virtual, digital workbooks have become necessary to augment that learning process. While educators can use up their creativity and create these digital workbooks from scratch based on their lesson content, a simpler option is to use workbook templates. These are widely available and FlipHTML5 will turn them into customized masterpieces.

Most free workbook templates allow users to modify them to suit their needs. FlipHTML5 will take that customization even further. A user simply needs to upload a PDF version of the workbook result and FlipHTML5 will automatically convert it to an engaging, interactive workbook with page-flipping sound and effect. It will be like a regular book, only with more features. Users can even use FlipHTML5’s templates and themes to enhance the digital workbook.

FlipHTML5 also allows users to add multimedia components to the workbook template. Anyone who knows anything about today’s children knows that they will be hooked by this. More than just images, users can add videos, audio, animations, forms, and hyperlinks to their workbooks, making them a more enjoyable experience for learners. These online workbooks will trump traditional ones that are comprised mainly of text with a few images.

Once users have customized the workbook template to their liking, they can upload it to the FlipHTML5 cloud for storage and hosting. FlipHTML5 has a virtual bookcase for storing and displaying multiple workbooks. Sharing the workbook is just as easy – a URL is available for sharing via email and social media; an embed code lets users embed the workbook on websites and in Learning Management Systems.

If the workbook template is licensed for commercial use, users can even sell their finished workbook on FlipHTML5 using the eCommerce option. They decide their prices, currency, and other sales options; the full amount from each sale goes to their specified PayPal account. FlipHTML5 charges no commission.

“We pride ourselves on being able to transform any workbook template into an educational masterpiece,” says Winston Zhang, CEO of SlideHTML5.

Learn more about converting workbook templates to digital on FlipHTML5.

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