Chila Lynn Is All Set To Release Her New Album Titled ‘Unleash Mode’

Chila Lynn is preparing to release her all-new album titled ‘Unleash Mode.’ This album is going to be an amazing mix of R&B, pop music, and electronic dance. It also has a super explosive dance number. 

The talented Cuban singer and pianist ‘Chila Lynn’ has become the latest sensation in R&B/Pop, and her new album entitled ‘Unleash Mode’ is all set to be one of the most anticipated albums this year. Her last album, ‘Real Women’ was a ranging success as it featured songs composed by artists such as Pink, Jamie Scott, and James Morrison. Through her upcoming explosive dance song, Chila will present listeners with pop music that also mixes sweet nuances.

As evident, Chila has made her name as a very successful voice artist and is credited with bringing characters like Disney’s Princess Tiana to life. Her enormous talents are all set to get a renewed focus with her 2nd album ‘Unleash Mode’ which is an attractive mix of pop music, electronic dance, and R&B. This album will showcase Chila Lynn’s talent, passion, and authenticity as she has innovated again in a very original way. Chila wants to carry on the good work ahead and come up with some of the most groovy music that is sure to keep listeners hooked. 

Chila Lynn already stands out among other female artists since she was trained as a musician and composer at some of the world’s most prestigious music schools, from Cuba to France, allowing her to bring her own music to life in a spectacular way. ‘Unleash Mode’ has all the makings of becoming not just one of the most well-known albums of 2022, but also an anthem to delight its followers with amazing music. Her voice is famed for its unmatched harmony, which will be showcased in her new album.

Chila was also quoted as saying, I’m so excited for the release of my new album. With this new album, thousands of fans will rediscover pieces of themselves. These songs will make it easy for them to identify and fall in love. It is a hymn of hands in the air, with a radiant pulse of melodic energy that will leave you thrilled and amazed at the same time.”

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About Chila Lynn 

Chila Lynn is a Cuban singer and pianist who has made a name for herself as the latest R&B/pop sensation. She has a distinct and unique voice and has already delivered an excellent album titled ‘Real Woman.’ 

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