Engiweb unveils WordsFromImage, a fast, accurate, and privacy-aware image-to-text productivity app in the market

WordsFromImage extracts text from images in just a few clicks and provides users with over 100+ text extraction languages to choose from.

Engiweb has launched WordsFromImage, an innovative productivity app that extracts text from images in a few clicks, helping users worldwide get things done faster. 

Compared to existing OCR applications, the image to text productivity tool features text recognition in over 100 languages. It is able to detect text from images, screenshots, tables, and so much more. It assures top-level privacy, stressing that neither personal nor image-related data are stored locally or on servers.

Apart from this, WordsFromImage allows background text extraction while uploading new images, and has no limitation on the number of images uploaded. 

To get started, users have to upload an image (both PNG and JPEG formats are allowed) or take a picture using a camera. They can also upload multiple images and navigate through them, remove an image, or swap between image and text view. 

Afterward, users can apply image filters such use rotation and crop.

Next is the extraction of text from the image. Users can utilize the article mode, which is suited for books, blog posts, multi-column articles, and more. They can detect tables on the image and extract text from them by using the table mode. They can also extract text from posters, flyers, and multi-background images by using the poster mode. 

In addition, it allows users to upload a new image while waiting for the extraction. Once the image has been extracted, they can view the text output by clicking on the navbar icon. They can check the current text, wherein the app automatically detects email and URL links. Users can also edit it, copy it to clipboard, and share it.

The Free version of WordsFromImage has limited features but unlimited output lines as the PRO version. WordsFromImage said the recommended minimum image resolution is 150 DPI, while the maximum image size is set at 10 MB. Meanwhile, the scanning time can range from a few seconds to several minutes and is affected by image size and internet connection speed. 

WordsFromImage is currently available for download on iOS and Android. It is also available as a web application online. WordsFromImage features Lite versions of the app with limited functionalities. They may visit the Apple App Store and Google Play store to find out more. Others who wish to learn more about Engiweb and the image to text extractor may check out the website for more information.

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