Vitality Wellness Institute Offers Ketamine Infusion Therapy for Mental Health Disorders

Ketamine infusion therapy helps people suffering from depression and complex pain live healthier and fuller lives.

Vitality Wellness Institute, a physical and mental health wellness collective based in San Diego, California, adds ketamine infusion therapy to its services to help patients suffering from treatment-resistant mental health disorders. For patients who are not responding to traditional treatments (i.e., psychotherapy, antidepressants, and mood stabilizers), this service expansion offers a timely solution to their pressing needs.

“If your mental health or pain treatment hasn’t worked, consider ketamine,” says the team from Vitality Wellness Institute. “Ketamine infusion therapy is a novel treatment option for people with treatment-resistant depression, debilitating anxiety, persistent PTSD, and complex pain syndromes including CRPS, fibromyalgia, and neuropathies.”

Ketamine is an FDA-approved anesthetic initially used in the 1960s. Throughout the years, it showed consistent promising results in improving symptoms of hard-to-treat mental health conditions, primarily depression.

When administered intravenously, ketamine is delivered at low doses to create a unique environment in the brain that leads to optimal and healthier brain functions. It repairs stress-induced damages and increases the production of BNDF, which is responsible for forming new synaptic connections and protecting healthy brain cells.

“Ketamine infusion therapy offers several key advantages, including a fast-acting, high rate of success, and lasting symptom remission,” added the team from Vitality Wellness Institute.

Unlike conventional treatments for mental health disorders, ketamine works quickly. It’s possible to experience its effects within an hour. Generally, however, patients who underwent ketamine infusion therapy experienced positive results within one to three infusions.

Moreover, patients do not need to undergo ketamine therapy every day for years, as is often the case for conventional antidepressants, to experience long-lasting results. After the initial treatment, beneficial changes are already happening inside the brain, eventually leading to lasting symptom relief.

With the number of mental health cases on the rise, alternative treatments like ketamine infusion therapy are welcomed innovations that lead the community to better mental health care. For many, ketamine therapy is a life-changing alternative that helps them truly live their lives to the fullest.

Vitality Wellness Institute’s ketamine infusion therapy is carefully administered and monitored by board-certified anesthesiologists to ensure a pain-free, comfortable, and successful experience for each patient. The team seeks to optimize the experience as much as possible, so they recommend bringing soothing items to help patients relax.

The company offers discounts for upfront purchases and accessible financial assistance through CareCredit.

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