Pest Control In North Augusta Now Offered By Horne’s Pest Control

Pest Control In North Augusta Now Offered By Horne's Pest Control

Horne’s Pest Control has been providing pest control services to the North Augusta area for over 50 years. The company is family-owned and operated with a team of highly trained technicians that are licensed by the state and insured. They offer residential and commercial pest control services including termite protection, rodent control, ant elimination, mosquito management and more For your convenience they also provide on-site service for home or office visits.

Pests can be more than just a nuisance; they can also be dangerous. They can carry diseases and parasites that can make you and and your loved ones sick. That’s why it’s important to have a professional pest control service to help keep a home or office pest-free.

One of the reasons why homeowners should keep pests away from their home or office is because they can be carriers of diseases. They can also transmit diseases to humans and animals through bites or stings. Pests can also affect your health by causing allergies and asthma attacks. In severe cases, they can even cause death.

Another reason is that pests can cause damage to property. They can chew through wires and pipes, which can lead to fires or flooding. They can also damage furniture and clothing. If you have a business, pests can drive away customers and cost you money.

There are a number of reasons why homeowners should have a professional pest control service. One of the main reasons is because pests can be dangerous. In fact, they do much damage to a point where it has now been considered a public health problem. Pests can destroy property, they can carry diseases that are harmful to humans and animals, and they can also cost property owners money.

North Augusta is a city in South Carolina located on the north bank of the Savannah River. It is part of the Augusta metropolitan area. As of the 2010 census, the population was 21,348. North Augusta is best known for its annual Peach Festival, which celebrates the peach harvest from local orchards.

North Augusta is also no stranger to pests. That’s why it’s important to have a pest control service that can help keep the pests at bay. Luckily, Horne’s Pest Control offers services around North Augusta

Their staff is composed of graduates from pest control schools such as the University of Georgia and Purdue University’s insect control correspondence school as well as technicians with multiple certifications for pest control and sanitation.

Based in Augusta, Georgia, Horne’s Pest Control has helped many areas within the city and the surrounding communities for more than 50 years. They offer services such as residential and commercial pest control, lawn insect control, termite control, and more. They also have bundles that can cater your specific needs to help you save while on a budget.

For more information contact them at (706) 480-9446 for a free estimate, or visit their website at

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