The UFO Company Reshapes the Landscape of Web 3 Gaming with Tufoc Royale

The UFO Company is a collection of 10,000 unique 3D NFTs, set to disrupt the crypto space with innovative Play 2 Earn metagaming and exquisite virtual reality events.

With the popularization of P2E gaming development and the latest software engineering trends, dozens of NFT projects are more than eager to hop onto the lucrative bandwagon of gamified NFTs with little to no intention of creating an enjoyable, sustainable game. 

The UFO Company, a collection of 10,000 exquisite three-dimensional non-fungible tokens, plans to disrupt the crypto space and metagaming as a whole with an upcoming P2E battle royale title – Tufoc Royale.

According to VentureBeat’s assessment, the influx of P2E gaming platforms is changing gaming as a whole:

“Play-to-earn gaming has flipped the traditional gaming paradigm upside down. Where Web 2 publishers and developers often deploy pay-to-win dynamics that skew the playing field in favor of the wealthiest, blockchain games stand to offer more equitable in-game economies where players can earn tangible rewards for their endeavors.”

With decades of combined experience in stock market space, SaaS, and mobile battle royale games, the team of experts that comprises The UFO Company’s staff is committed to creating a sustainable Play to Win game that will award dedicated gamers with both a thoroughly immersive experience and a chance to earn the project’s NFTs. 

According to the project’s founders, the battle royale game will be “loaded with utility.” The in-game avatars were purposely designed as unique playable characters, which the players can control, equip, and use to interact within the Tufoc Royale battlegrounds. 

An abundance of innovations is being actively worked on, as stated by The UFO Company’s developers. The most prominent is the creation of Hideouts – a unique form of 3D space where in-game characters can spawn safely outside of PvP zones. 

The UFO Company’s roadmap is clear-cut and shows the project’s progression path, starting with creating the Unidentified Creatures, the UFOs, which are the aforementioned controllable metaverse avatars. The first phase will also introduce the rainbow potions – boosters that provide avatars with various mutations.

During the second phase, UFO Company plans to release the Hideouts in early access, designing numerous variations of tents, complexes, houses, caves, rooms, shops, and more, as stated by the game’s developers and project leaders. 

The much-anticipated UFO Company Merchandise Store will be arriving in the third phase, followed by multiple drops throughout the year. Twenty-five percent of sold merchandise will be diverted to the UFO Company’s wallet, dedicated to funding the project’s community functions. 

Numerous other innovations are in store for the UFO Company platform, including a plethora of unique storylines, refinements to the game’s core features, new articles in the UFO Company Merchandise store, and more. 

Additional information about The UFO Company is available on the project’s official Twitter account.

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