Patients Rave About Munich-based Dental Clinic, Zahnarzt Haidhausen

Run by Dr. Hans-Joerg Lutz, Zahnarzt Haidhausen has amassed a long list of happy customers, both locally and internationally.

March 16, 2022 – Judging from a plethora of five-star reviews on its google page, Munich-based dental clinic, Zahnarzt Haidhausen is extremely popular among dental patients for the quality of its service and commitment to customer satisfaction. With Dr. Hans-Joerg Lutz at the helm, the clinic has received glaring endorsements for a number of dental procedures including implants, filling, root canal processes, and many more. 

With state-of-the-art technology at its disposal and a team of highly trained dentists like Dr. Lutz himself, Zahnarzt Haidhausen is able to provide quality dental services to all who need them at scale. Through specialized CMD therapy, the dentists at the clinic can treat fresh aches as well as migraines that have persisted for years. Its services include aesthetic dentistry, preservative measures, long tooth preservation, comprehensive dentures, and much more.

Speaking on how they relate with patients to find out the best solutions for their problems, a team member said, “We advise you the way we would like to be advised ourselves: with specialist knowledge, but without technical jargon so that you can understand the treatment plan that has been individually developed for you and make a decision feeling good about it”, says a spokesperson for Lentrodt.

Zahnarzt Haidhausen has been lauded by many for going the extra mile. The experts at the clinic do more than just maintenance on teeth, they keep an eye on the jaw, its functionality, and its effects on the neck and back muscles.

Apart from his obvious expertise and knowledge of dentistry, Dr. Hans-Joerg Lutz is loved by many for his personality and versatility. Being an English-speaking dentist based in Munich also goes a long way to helping him connect with more patients and introducing them to the much revered Zahnarzt Haidhausen dental clinic. According to him, the vital part of treatment is attending to every patient with a customized therapeutic approach and a lot of empathy.

“Our dental clinic, Zahnarzt Haidhausen, here in Munich offers you the entire spectrum of modern dentistry. Our services range from professional tooth cleaning (prophylaxis) to all types of filling therapies (plastic filling, ceramic inlay, gold inlay) and tooth-preserving measures such as root canal treatment (endodontics) to dentures (crowns, bridges, prostheses) and implants,” says a spokesperson for Lentrodt.

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