Introducing BMX, a community-driven decentralized finance platform built on blockchain

BMX is a decentralized finance platform built on blockchain with a mission to create a community-driven ecosystem that empowers the holders to better their financial condition.

The global cryptocurrency market is experiencing an unprecedented boom. The market is at $2 trillion dollar and growing. Global blockchain spending has increased 7x over the last four years (IDC) surpassing $1 billion in 2018 – up from only $0.95 billion in 2017. The following year (2019), global blockchain spending nearly doubled from $1.5 billion to $2.7 billion.

The increase continued. In 2021, global blockchain spending totaled an estimated $6.6 billion. And is projected to almost triple to $19 billion by 2024.

Making its way into this booming ecosystem is BMX, a decentralized all-in-one ecosystem and one of the faster growing and safest blockchain protocols on Binance blockchain.

The uniqueness of BMX is beyond its crypto tokenization. It is a concept technology designed to pave the growth of crypto adoption — this happens when the users feel confident to explore the blockchain space — and to provide every holder with simple and effective ways to gain exposure to digital assets.

An additional supremacy of BMX is that it operates as a community-focused and community-driven digital asset, fully decentralized in every sense of the word which lowers the barrier for entry to a more advanced financial ecosystem.

The uniqueness of BMX can be summed up in the following ways:

• Easy Withdrawal

• Secure

• No GAS Fees

• No hidden clause

• Easy P2P Transfer

• Complete decentralized ecosystem

• No application needed.

Presently, BMX offers best pre-sale rate of $0.1 for limited time with a direct 100% to 200% public sale price gain. Additionally, holders get an impressive 32% yearly income on holding BMX token, a 5% royalty income on prediction program as admin and a golden opportunity to be a part of Technology Group.

The introduction of decentralised finance (DeFi) innovation has been a pivotal moment in the history of finance, and with BMX getting on board, the BMX holders and interested parties can be rest assured this project will be a smart investment choice.

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