Masterclass Teaches How to Sell Without Being Salesy

Masterclass Teaches How to Sell Without Being Salesy

Certified Trainer, Kathleen Seals
New Approach to Sales Conversation Focuses on Mutual Wins

March 16, 2022 – The one thing that is the lifeblood for any business is the one thing many business owners dislike doing – sales. Thankfully, there’s How to Sell Without Feeling Icky (Even if You’re a Non-Salesperson), a new masterclass helping people close more sales from Certified Trainer, Kathleen Seals.

This free training is geared towards heart-centered, spiritual, or faith-based entrepreneurs and solopreneurs who have a proven product or service but, because they don’t enjoy selling, aren’t making sales and changing lives. How to Sell Without Feeling Icky  gives them the confidence to walk into a sales conversation and close the deal so it’s a win for all parties, without relying on tired tactics. Seals’ masterclass includes her simple seven-step process for fun, easy sales,  insights into how the public’s buying habits have changed and how that impacts businesses today as well as the one thing required before any sales interaction in order to secure success.

“Having over 20 years of experience in sales and a degree in communications has allowed me to observe the changes in buyers and the sales process,” explains Kathleen Seals.  “What people want and expect has changed, and the people who are, and are going to be, successful have as well. In my master class, I break down the successful new way to close sales that leaves both parties feeling good about the whole experience. The process is delivered in bite sized chunks, giving a simple framework for success. My easy seven-step process will turn sales conversations from “how much does it cost?” to “I can’t wait to see you next week!”, no matter how new or seasoned the seller is.”

“Kathleen Seals has it all,” exclaims award-winning salesperson and trainer, Tom Antonellis. “You can search high and low but you will not find a finer teacher. She sets for herself the absolute highest standards of excellence for education and her students and clients benefit immensely. Kathleen is passionate, full of good humor and highly skilled in debunking all the irritating aspects of sales so the purity of sales, which is salespeople are there to serve, shines through.  Place yourself in her hands and in her tutelage and you’ll be sending me a thank you note for the suggestion.”

Kathleen Seals is a Speaker, Trainer and Coach, certified at the highest level of Executive Director by the John Maxwell Team. For over 20 years, she’s worked in business growth and development for a variety of categories, including retail and dance studios. She’s helped businesses boost profits and employees win World All-Star awards through her system of creating a culture of growth. Seals is also a Certified DISC Trainer and a former NASA Presidential Appointee.

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