The anonymous public chain BrockCipher, which solves the privacy problem in the chain, rises with technology

With the maturity of Internet technology, cashless payment mode is becoming more and more common in life. Especially in China, Alipay, WeChat and other payment methods have become more and more widely used, and have quickly entered all aspects of people’s clothing, food, housing and transportation. In this situation, “eliminating cash” has become the slogan of many quick payments.

As everyone knows, the death of cash actually symbolizes the end of people’s freedom of trading, and anonymous coin can be regarded as a reproduction of searching for this freedom to a great extent.

In recent years, cryptocurrencies such as Monero, ZCash and Dash have become more and more popular. They are public chains like Bitcoin and Ethereum, but they have more “privacy” functions. Recently, an anonymous public chain named BrockCipher has caused a large-scale discussion in well-known foreign anonymous communities.

BrockCipher is a decentralized blockchain public network, focusing on creating decentralized ecology and privacy anonymity. Its users can use the BrockCipher public chain to issue token assets, DAPP deployment and operation, pledge voting to obtain income, transfer assets and other functions.

BrockCipher public chain is a blockchain project to realize cross-chain transactions and multi-asset interoperability, and it is also a complete blockchain development platform, which will not be limited to DeFi, metaverse, NFT, GameFi and other sectors in the subsequent development of new ecology. In the future, BrockCipher will establish a decentralized international community, attracting international high-quality blockchain public chains, international financial institutions, international digital asset regulators, international outstanding scientific and technical personnel, and international industrial chain demanders to join community organizations, so as to maintain the normal development and operation of BrockCipher community and products, and be responsible for managing the collected digital assets and security.

BrockCipher contains the original currency BrockCipher, supports smart contracts, and has the privacy protection mechanism of smart contract security transactions. According to the application scenario, any developer can develop financial and service applications that meet the demand on BrockCipher.

The initial core functions of BrockCipher mainly include multi-currency cross-border remittance, multi-currency savings and cross-currency lending based on cross-chain technology. BrockCipher public chain adopts modular design idea, and its powerful system structure ensures its smooth service, information security, integrity of financial business logic and supporting structure. Its profit model will subvert the single profit logic of traditional digital token by copying and optimizing traditional financial business scenarios.

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