Everyday life lessons distilled into 48 short stories, Drunk Talk is a must-read book in 2022

Inspired by the legendary combination of alcohol and Las Vegas, authors Mike Davis and TL Banks have released an irreverent, honest book about the oddities of everyday life: Drunk Talk. Although fictional, Drunk Talk draws heavily upon real-life encounters and conversations held over bar tops, bottles, and everything in between.

Drunk Talk consists of 48 short discussions about a wildly unpredictable range of topics. Combining razor-sharp wit with a sprinkling of truly profound reflections, this one-of-a-kind work delves into the messiness and hilarity of being human. Along the way, readers can learn their drunken fortune and connect with the authors’ personal experiences through 189 original quotes. From learning about the “four categories of drunks” to finding out how to dodge them, Drunk Talk is an easy read for anyone – especially adults with a sense of humor.

Readers applaud Davis and Banks for their ability to turn almost any situation into a joke without cheapening the more serious topics interspersed throughout the book. Aptly put, one early reviewer perfectly captures the spirit of Drunk Talk: “If you don’t already know someone who, after having a few too many, suddenly becomes a philosopher and/or offers unsolicited-but-spot-on advice, this book is that ‘person.’ And it’s a hoot.”

Drunk Talk is available for purchase on Amazon.com, on Club Lighthouse Publishing, or wherever books are sold.

Mike Davis is a full-time writer, poet, and author. When he isn’t writing, he enjoys traveling, playing basketball, and having a cold brew with a good meal. His co-author, TL Banks, is a poet and writer originally from Indianapolis. She is a mother of one, member of the Ohio Poetry Association and California Writers Club, winner of the Wright Scholarship for poetry, and consummate fan of Dorothy Parker, Nikki Giovanni, and whiskey on the rocks.

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