Entrepreneur, Artist and Real Estate Investor: Andrei Noah Smith is an Inspiration for Generation Z.

At just 23, Andrei is one of the most prominent young entrepreneurs of America. He owns 100 acres of land in Belize and has recently initiated an NFT project.

NewYork City, NewYork – Andrei Noah Smith is a 23-year-old entrepreneur. He has received a Global Recognition for owning businesses and lands at such a young age. He was signed by LA models as a child model.  He owns an NFT project, Crazy Pops, multiple smoke shops in NewYork City. He is also the owner of 100 acres of land in Belize.

Andrei is well renowned for doing social good, he has invested in many Non-Profit Organizations across the world.

Andrei is a creative thinker with skills and approaches that enable him to bring a fresh perspective to problem-solving, innovation, and change management. This has been the primary factor of his success. At a tender age of 23, he has acquired immaculate critical thinking skills that assist him in approaching problems in a variety of ways rather than relying on a single strategy. This Generation Z entrepreneur has been an inspiration for many and has been one a key contributor to the “The Rise of the New American Entrepreneurship.”

Born in Belize Central America, Andrei moved to Los Angeles when still a child. Ever Since school days he delineated ideas beyond the knowledge of a regular school going child. His passion and determination triumphed over age and he soon started to be more vocal about his creativity. Though having no expertise to back his ideas with, he struggled and maneuvered his way through every obstacle to become America’s most promising young entrepreneur.


Andrei’s success story is a testament to the fact that one can achieve whatever they wish to. Hard work, determination and passion are the ingredients for the recipe of success with a little bit of luck, which however is entirely optional. In Andrei’s case, he does come from a decent family, who supported him and his ideas. The family support has today made Andrei a role model for the youth, demonstrating that balancing high school, extracurricular activities, and a thriving business is achievable.

Andrei likes to be referred to as an artist. He shared: “I am in a constant process of progress. Every day, every hour, my brain is evaluating the possibility of doing something creative, something never seen before, something which will change the whole discourse of how the world functions. To me my businesses serve a social purpose of making lives easy. I push my stretch of imagination a little further every day to achieve the undoable. I have initiated an NFT project and hopefully will introduce many crypto enthusiasts to the digital world of finance. One of the phases of the project is to build a metaverse. It will come sooner than the readers think!”

As Andrei’s inspirational story demonstrates, nothing can stand in the way of an individual who is motivated, full of enthusiasm and has high spirits. Nothing could stop him from being one of the greatest entrepreneurs of all time.

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