Bitcoin heats up, how do traders find a suitable exchange platform

Once again, Bitcoin has shown strong vitality, and its popularity has not diminished.

According to data from Coinbetter, on March 16th, the price of Bitcoin exceeded US$41,600, and the current price is US$39,331.0465, with a maximum increase of 6.24% in 24H. (Data as of time of writing)

Correspondingly, the Google Bitcoin search volume shows that when the price of Bitcoin rises, the search popularity of users also rises. While Google Trends data is not an absolute search volume for Bitcoin, it does show the relative popularity of Bitcoin searches over time.

All eyes are on the crypto asset as the price of Bitcoin (BTC) continues to push towards new highs. Whether it is a loyal user of cryptocurrencies or a novice investor, exchanges have become one of the important platforms that cannot be avoided.

So how can users find a stable, reliable and safe exchange among the numerous trading platforms that have emerged in the currency circle today?

In fact, users should adhere to three principles when choosing a platform: first, safety; second, choose a platform with a complete ecosystem; third, compliance, such as the Coinbetter trading platform.

The primary criterion for choosing a trading platform is, of course, ensuring the safety of your funds.

Coinbetter adopts a variety of advanced technologies such as distributed server clusters, distributed storage, high-speed memory transaction engine with multi-machine mutual backup, cold wallet, and hot wallet with offline private keys to ensure the safety of funds. In addition, the operational performance of Coinbetter is also very stable, real-time comparison of transaction information, elastic traffic protection, and efficient order matching engine.

Only with a wealth of trading different products, users will have more choices.

Coinbetter provides a variety of products for users to choose from, such as currency trading, leveraged trading, staking, etc. Whether you are a conservative investor or a more aggressive investor, you can find trading products at Coinbetter that suit your investment habits.

According to Twitter, Coinbetter has partnered with payment gateway MoonPay to provide easy purchases.


Coinbetter will host MoonPay’s payment services using a new decentralized finance protocol to facilitate purchases using all major debit/credit cards, bank transfers and new mobile payment methods such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay. This partnership provides Coinbetter’s user base with the most seamless way to connect between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, helping to meet growing demand with low-cost, fast and simple purchase methods, breaking down financial barriers and disrupting the acceptance of financial services and limited obstacles.

Compliance has become another important requirement for exchanges today.

It is reported that Coinbetter has been officially approved as MSB (Money Services Business) license in the United States and Canada, and is officially regulated by relevant departments to engage in services such as cryptocurrency transactions. This means that Coinbetter’s digital asset services in the United States and Canada are already compliant and legal, and relevant departments will ensure the openness and transparency of Coinbetter by supervising Coinbetter.

Coinbetter stated that it will place compliance and security operations in the most important aspects, and will continue to promote global compliance operations in the future.

Founded in 2018, Coinbetter mainly provides one-stop services such as cryptocurrency, fiat, contracts, and lending for international users in Europe, North America, and Oceania. Since its establishment, the team has made unremitting efforts and has been occupying a low-key position in the international market. After three years of product polishing in the crypto industry, a group of mature technical teams have been formed, dedicated to creating a safe, reliable, smooth and easy-to-use digital asset trading platform.

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