Closing The Eyes to the Morally Decrepit Society

More and more frequently, almost daily, horrific news makes the headlines on all news outlets that shocks humanity to its core for days. If it is a bit more gruesome than the last breaking story, the shaking can extend to up to a maximum of a week or two. That’s it. Expecting more from a generation too busy to look up from their smartphones is now somehow absurd, perhaps the oncoming barrage of bad news is so frequent that it has become dull, mundane and routine.

Searching for reasons of the moral degeneration of society leaves us entangled in a web of social, political, religious, and economic chaos that will cause our minds to whirl endlessly before shutting down. Then, we resort to the usual finger-pointing and blame games that reveal our immaturity and ultimately, our inability to see the big picture and the source of the problems at the core of all.

We are barely concerned by seeing human suffering as far as the eye can see; and as far as country and world maps stretch out before us in any direction. Instead, all is quickly resolved by disapproving looks, furrowed brows, clicking tongues, or a disjointed toss of our heads.

Like every moral collapse and national overthrow, what we quickly forget is; soon it will be us on the receiving end of tragedy; it will be us shook from the inside, confounded, and finding ourselves looking at others to demand justice on our behalf; to wait and plead for it. If a mere thought would be enough to wake us, it is high time that we wake up from oblivion and look intently at the injustices, crimes, discriminations, and violence around the world slowly eating it: at this rate, it won’t be long before all are deprived of a secure place to call home.

Kim E. Rosin, in her book, The Concubine Syndrome, discusses head on, the miseries, corruption, and other ills plaguing the world around us that if not confronted and cured; will destroy the world before our eyes. Hatred, intellectual dishonesty, greed, barbaric inclinations that result in violence and molestation are all eroding the foundation of humanity and the world we share.

Despite all the advances in time, women and children, boys and girls are still shackled by old societal norms in the names of religion(s) and/or traditions of men that keep them from the liberty that was always intended to be theirs by way of exposure of the truth: instead have been deprived of the lives they were intended to peacefully enjoy. A life where they are free to make individual choices without having to fight for the rights they were already given by their Creator; which wicked and illegitimate men have seized the reins of and refuse to relinquish. Abuse of power has become the merciless and greedy monster that has risen to seize mankind in a death grip.

Although late, Kim talks of hope for humanity, if we can still find enough rational thought within ourselves to be able to reason and come to terms in true repentance. We have to realize that having power does not mean oppressing or exploiting the weak and to stop pretending that it is for the greater good. He who holds the true rule, authority and power will hold each of us accountable for our individual words, deceptions and deeds. The world will fall short of hiding places at His appearance.

We have to muster up all the courage to fight that which is wrong and no longer close our eyes to the decrepit society coming down on our own heads, which we all have capitulated to. Those who remain silent are as much responsible as those out wreaking havoc on our cultures. With faith in our hearts, in His mercy and love for us, we draw on His courage to help us; we must now wake up and rise up to the battle already raging around us. We stand together and we stand strong! Together we will put humanity’s enemy to flight or perish standing; rather than perish on our knees before tyrants, traitors and cowards.

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