Meta Condo MECO makes real estate investment accessible through NFTs

The MECO token provides the opportunity and the ability to own Virtual Estates or a shareof an Estate by leveraging on the use of Smart Contracts and Blockchain Technology.Income to Debt Ratio has been deleveraged thus buyers are looking for more opportunities to diversify and grow their wealth in the 21st century. Join us at MECO, The Adventure Begins!

MetaCondo (MECO) is a community driven platform that promotes metaverse real estate ownership to real-world assets. Real estate prices have been soaring in the past years making it inaccessible for many. Some people are spending a lifetime to successfully own a property while for others a lifetime is not enough.

MetaCondo (MECO) endeavours to empower millennials and Gen Z to combine their Desire and their Dreams. This results in having the pride of ownership and to the ability to be in control of their own assets as they create their wealth. Picture this as a collection. A Collection is only as valuable as the marketplace says it is. Rarity and exclusivity is important. With MECO, you will be able to purchase and own a rare and exclusive piece in the Virtual Land of the Metaverse, or perhaps even a commercial building or hotel in the real world through the pooling mechanism of the platform with a group of investors.

MetaCondo (MECO) is set with a long-term vision to build upon the foundations of the Real Estate World in real life. MECO is designed to link the Metaverse to Real Estate in the Real World through the unique powers of fractionalised ownership.

MetaCondo (MECO) is the game changer in the space of condominiums and real estate. Through the use of blockchain technology and smart contracts, MECO is facilitating the ownership of real estate in the metaverse as well as in the real world. It is opening up the real estate world to new sources of finance and providing prospective landlords with new ways to acquire these much sought after properties through NFTs.

MetaCondo (MECO) allows for fractionalised ownership of real estate by leveraging on the capabilities of blockchain technology and smart contracts, which makes the ownership of a property more transparent than ever.

MECO will power a unique experience for the common men and real estate investors alike through its unique utilities. The platform encompasses the MetaCondo NFTs and NFT Marketplace. The MetaCondo NFT Marketplace is the one-stop-shop where holders of the MECO token will be able to acquire their real estate NFTs. The NFT collections will comprise of:

a) Hospitality: Budget hotels, Business hotels

b) Residential: Luxury Condominiums, Good Class Bungalows, Penthouses

c) Commercial: Conservation Shophouses, Grade A Offices, Petrol Stations

d) Industrial: Data Centres, Warehouses, Food Factories

These are just some examples of the multiple NFT categories that will be available on the marketplace. The interior design of the NFTs is based off the work done in the real world of real estate. Each NFT will carry different attributes, rarities. Thus, they will have different staking abilities (similar to rental yield) and possess the ability to be traded on online marketplaces such as Opensea. Holders will be able to realise their dreams and utilise the NFTs in the metaverse either via full or fractionalized ownership. Join us and ride along with your NFTs and enjoy their perks! The various collections will have different perks attached to them, such as fixed APR annual percentage returns through our crowdfunding (DAO) projects.

MECO platform has another functionality on the Launchpad Platform. The platform functions in away where Real Estate Properties will have the ability to raise funds for their properties through an IDO on the MECO platform. Buyers will need to use their MECO to be whitelisted for those IDOs. Once they are whitelisted, they will be able to pledge their tokens to pools either in BNB or ETH against a return based on the pool size, time period and expected profitability of the investments. This will provide Developers with the ability to crowdfund on the platform through the power of blockchain technology. Those pools will act as liquidity providers for Developers thus allowing them to finance their plans by borrowing from the world at large. There will be a repayment date and an associated interest payment on the amount borrowed.

The MECO team is striving to form partnerships with other metaverse projects and have also initiated talks with Developers and New Product Launches to join our platform.

The tokenomics of the MECO emphasises on the constant token buybacks and burns from the 0.5% tax and also from part of the earnings from their IDO launchpad. This will help to build new support levels as it grows. A percentage of the transaction fee collected by the MECO team will also be donated to a charity of our choosing at regular intervals to support a good cause. The areas of focus of this charity are: Education, Healthcare and Housing.

About MetaCondo Team

The team consists of highly experienced Developers, Marketers, and Community Managers who share the same vision and have come together to collaborate and create MECO. The team has been curated and chosen to achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Each team members brings their expertise from the relevant industries to the table thus ensuring every part of the MECO project is growing sustainably.

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